Fantastic Four Coming To Marvel Pinball

Since the game’s release last December, creator Zen Studios had hosted a poll which ended in February. Between Captain America, The Fantastic Four, Hulk, and Ghost Rider, fans were given the choice to vote for which Marvel protagonist(s) they wanted to take the helm for the first downloadable table. As the title and video below suggest, it was the Fantastic Four who came out on top, though it’s likely we will see the other Marvel icons make their pinball debut in due time.


A release date and price-point has yet to be announced, the table featuring all-new trophies and guests including Doctor Doom and Galactus. Be sure to check out our full-written review of Marvel Pinball.

Source: Marvel



  1. Nice! The Marvel Pinball was great fun, and I’m eagerly awaiting DLC ever since I bought the game :)

  2. Ooh, good news indeed! Love Marvel Pinball (much better than the first Zen) and very much looking forward to this.

    • Got the first Zen game and wasn’t that impressed with it so didn’t bother with Marvel.
      The F4 table looks good so may get Marvel.

  3. Shouldn’t it be the future foundation now?

    • they could be back to the fantastic four by the time this table comes out. ^_^

  4. four ball multiball, of course.

    looks pretty cool, i had for with the demo tables, i wouldn’t mind getting this, maybe when it’s on sale.

    it looks like galactus has a pinball table and dropped the fantastic four into it.
    having read some of the early FF stories and how wacky they were i would not be surprised to learn that actually happened in the comic once, i could see stan lee writing something like that in the sixties.

  5. Never liked console pinball

    • there’s a demo of this game, though not this table, it’s worth trying, you might enjoy it.
      you got nothing to lose.
      of course you’ll have to wait a while for the psn to come back up.

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