Sony Answer More Of Your Questions

Funny how things change. One day we can’t sign into the PSN, the next it says ‘maintenance’ and then a few days later we learn all our details have been leaked.

Sony, whilst clearly not as angelic as we’d like, are still posting sporadic updates through the official channels – and the second such Q&A is now live.


As annoyance over not having the ability to play online shifts towards concern over our credit cards and IDs and then onto how we’ll actually get back onto the PSN if our passwords have been compromised – well, that’s still unknown.

We’ve heard that new SDKs have gone out to developers and a new firmware will be required when the PlayStation Network does resurface, presumably to remove the ability to reset your password via the secret question, which was also leaked, according to Sony.

Thankfully, it looks like none of our PSN details have actually been altered.  Our download history, friends list and settings will be exactly the same, and any trophies earned offline will sync as normal once we’re all back on.

In addition, PlayStation Plus cloud saves will be retrievable.

Now comes the tricky bit – convincing the fanbase to reconnect and get back onto the PSN once it’s ready.  DC Universe Online gamers will be subject to a “make good” plan and everyone else can rest assured that Sony are “evaluating ways to show appreciation” for our “extraordinary patience.”

We’ll just have to see what those “ways” are when they’re announced.

There’s still no confirmed date for the PSN being reconnected.



  1. To be honest if I was a plus member I would be demanding some sort of compensation, let alone if I were an MMO or Lovefilm subscriber. As I’m not subscribed to anything, just having it back would be nice Sony =)

    • As a PS+ member you’re hardly losing anything, a week from discounts from the store maybe?

      That’s all i can see at least, yeah you lose a week or two of your subscription but it’s nothing to moan about.

      • You’re right that we’re hardly losing anything, but that’s sort of not the point.
        I’m assuming a lot of people (including me) didn’t get chance to get the mid-month content. I think they need to leave that content up if the PSN isn’t back before that contents deadline :)

      • If people are paying monthly, then I can see why they would be annoyed by missing over a week…

      • As a playsation plus member you do lose services of the timed trials, I went to play a couple that had been sitting on my hard disc for a few months and was unable to open then without an active PSN connection. The uploaded saves feature obviously also will not work while the PSN is down too.

        That isn’t really the point though is it? If you pay a subscription to a service, the least you would expect is that service to be available for the duration of the period you pay for.

      • no big deal for me just get the service back up.

      • Well if it ends up being down for a total of e.g. two weeks I would expect all current PSN subscriptions to be extended for two weeks, that way everyone gets what they paid for (in addition to the ability to play what they already had downloaded and activated even now when the PSN is down). Pretty simple really.

        Anything beyond that should also apply to “non-plusites” since loss of personal info and online play has affected everyone equally.

    • Yeah I agree with this, the service is free, so in theory they don’t owe me anything except the assurance that the security is a damn sight stronger and that they will learn from their mistakes…

  2. What?! Has PSN been hacked? When?

  3. They should have been like this from the off – open about what’s going on.

    • They were in many respects, except for the 6 day wait for the major PR! And when this came at least it detailed every possibility, and as we can see, even Sony are still trying to work out the extent of the damage, so there was no point releasing incorrect info and causing panic when it wasn’t necessary.

      To be honest, the ‘panic’ hasn’t been that major really, my card details took five minutes to change, passwords a further 10 and so what people have my address, you don’t need to hack my PSN to get those details…christ my spam on my hotmail account and shit I get through the door already indicates that this info is already out there…


        You can get a £35 PSN Store card for £31! You still have to give your card details though, but look for https in the URL when shopping online for security.

      • @TURRICAN-808

        Https only indicates that the data is encrypted while it’s travelling between your browser and whichever webserver you’re communicating with. It could still be stored unencrypted and behind poor or non-existent security.

        Https prevents the “man in the middle” type attack as long as your computer and the webserver aren’t bugged, it would have done nothing to prevent a break into the server like the one Sony had.

  4. I think most users will go back on the PSN, although would they trust Sony with their CC numbers again? That’s harder to quantify. I’m thinking seriously about PSN cards, but as I already trust Amazon, Play and others with my details I probably will give the PSN my CC details – it’s too useful to get £5 credit for little things (avatars, DLC, etc) rather then investing a whole £20 (or less at some sellers) in a card.

    It’s down to you and how much risk you want to take. Do you feel lucky punk?!

    • I’m not overly worried about giving them CC details again. They don’t even think they were compromised this time. If they get hacked again, I can just cancel the card again. Less hassle than buying PSN cards all the time.

      • Agree, yes it’s an inconvenience to cancel cards etc, but it’s not like Sony hacked themselves.

        I’m sure they will find some way to compensate everyone :)

    • To be honest I’m going PSN cards for two reasons and none of them involve the security threats!
      1 – You can usually buy them cheaper than face value online
      2 – It will stop impulse credit adding which was so easy to do with a CC and I would end up buying a load of crap that I couldn’t really afford, but did because it was easy just to whack another £5/10/20! into my wallet

      • Yup, same here. Shame it will not involve inputting your personal data, though as we’ve discovered over the past few days it may be a bit late to worry about that anyway.

  5. All I want from DCUO is my membership to be extended to cater for the time lost. It’s not rocket science SOE.

    • This. It’s the only service I’ve truly lost money on during this whole fiasco, cannot really count PS+ as I doubt there would have been anything up on the store this week anyway, the service update isn’t until next week.

      • i’m hoping for the mud-month PS+ to get extended as i was on hols when it was released and didn’t get it, so extending that and then hitting up the new content when the PSN comes back would be a good way of making me feel like they’re trying :)

  6. I’ve been a PS+ subscriber since day 1 but in all honesty I don’t care about compensation or anything like that so long as the network gets back on it’s feet sooner rather than later. Will I be renewing my subscription this year? That’s another matter entirely. Whilst the service (ie. piles of games) has been good overall I think my trust in Sony has almost gone. It’s a shame but I’ll only ever use network cards from now on which will help restrain the impulse buys I suppose…

  7. “Thankfully, it looks like none of our PSN details have actually been altered.”

    Well obv they will be the same, the hackers “intruded” 2 days before PSN went down and everything was fine up until then.
    I’m not angry, actually chilled and couldn’t care less as I’m not the only one in the world with my details stolen and there will be wealthier people who have had their details stolen to but after this I ain’t giving my CC details to Sony.
    The compensation will be a mini no one wants or will have it already or maybe even a ugly theme,

  8. Found this on IGN:
    Sony has confirmed that it hopes to restore some fuctionality to the PSN service by next Tuesday in a new statement on the PlayStation Blog.

    “Our employees have been working day and night to restore operations as quickly as possible, and we expect to have some services up and running within a week from yesterday. However, we want to be very clear that we will only restore operations when we are confident that the network is secure.”

    Dated April 27, the update posted by Patrick Seybold (Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media), would put the estimated return date for PSN services as May 3, meaning that the service will have been offline for two weeks.

    Although which services will be coming back online next week is unclear, Sony has stated they are working on new security measures for the future, as well as seeking out those responsible for the breach, confirming they “are working closely with a recognised technology security firm in order to find those responsible for this criminal act, no matter where in the world they might be located.”

    • You posted this already! And it wasn’t new the first time!

      IGN are simply adding “a week” on to the date Sony have already stated as the projected timeline in the original communication.

      • Its just so people new know what the date might be, and it was posted on a different day and titled topic. But yh, i concede, i have posted it before すみません O_o

      • Just curious Kovacs-When did you stop being a TSA writer?

      • @TURRICAN-808
        That date is still speculative, though. I’ve already seen May 3rd, May 4th and May 5th all “confirmed” around the web. I suppose it will be back when it’s back.

        About two weeks ago.

      • Oh right. Thought I’d seen the red bar on a recent story lol.
        Shows how much I pay attention :P

      • I think the banner was removed a few days ago. Maybe I’ll be getting a blue banner.

  9. Im sure they Will sort us out, I am a plus member and I dint expect compensation..anything they offer is a bonus. Long live playstation.

  10. About the trophies question, if you want to view your trophies officially online:

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