Sony Press Conference Tomorrow

The PSN issue continues to trundle along, picking up rumours and creating doubts and fears along the way. Sony look set to finally address those fears and hopefully give their customers some more concrete indication of the network’s schedule of return with a press conference tomorrow.

Kazuo Hirai is to talk to the world’s press at the conference in Japan tomorrow at 2PM, local time (that’s 5AM 6AM in the UK or midnight 1AM, EST). It is obviously unknown what Kaz will say but we’d expect some further (or at least more detailed) information about exactly what was compromised, how it was stored and a more detailed road map for switching on what we hope will be a new and improved service.


The PSN hack and subsequent downtime has made international news, doubtless damaging Sony’s reputation as well as its stock price. Hopefully this press conference is the first step towards regaining consumer trust and keeping a more regular and informative communication with their consumers.

Source: Reuters



  1. Probably annoucing GT6.

    • Dont be silly their saving that for the PS5

      • if its anything to do with the devs its PS10

    • Best comment ever.
      I may have actually pulled a muscle laughing at that :D

    • Hoping for MGS4 Trophy patch too.

      • If that happens then Valkyria Chronicles should get a trophy patch too!

      • what a great way to make it up to thier consumers

    • Hahahaha, if only ^.^

  2. So I’ll wait till 6am to post in for the YOURMUMANDME sweepstake.

    • lol thats not exactly fair now but considering software updates are released around 4am-6am normally that would give a indication as to when the servers would be switched back on

  3. If this press conference covers half the amount of shit that has been made up on the web over the past week about Sony then its gonna be a long en..Glad I’ll be catching a few Zzz when this takes place.

    • dont get me wrong i love tsa thats why im writing this i come on here everyday ive been a keen visitor but only got round to making myself a member what my thing is ive visited the bigger gaming sites we all know who thy are without making names but they pull in more members than tsa but tsais best around for me i love the reviews meets info everything but on a sat and sun i fel tsa really struggles to give us the same info as weekdays i feel they need to push the site more so on a weekend beause it surely gets more hits then with most people being off wwork n having more time to visit its just my view feel free to disagree please readers and writers dont take this as aa moan it isnt i need my daily fix of tsa

  4. 5am on a Sunday during a 4 day holiday weekend? Which TSA staffer is the lucky sod that gets to cover that? ;)

  5. Not before time.
    All I what to know about what’s happening with PSN is when is it back online and how much better the security will be.

    • No disrespect but they could say its got a 1024 encryption on your details with seven firewalls and Chuck Norris standing guard and no one would give a shit. Plus who actually knows what the hell it is in real terms until someone is kind enough to tell us in layman’s terms.

      • There’s nothing stopping them telling us in layman’s terms.
        I think most folks will just want to be assured that it will be near impossible to hack PSN and retrieve their details in future.

      • I don’t want ‘near impossible’, I want impossible and Chuck Norris sounds like a great idea.

      • If Sony claim it to be impossible, that will just he like waving a red flag to the hackers, surely?

      • Can you beat Chuck Norris in a fight ;)

      • I’m sure I could beat Chuck Norris in a fight. It just depends on the type of fight.

      • With one hand tied behind me back ;)

        Shot gun in the other :)

      • Well if it gets hacked again, Michael and Winkle are first to have their doors kicked in.

      • Please direct all your Chuck Norris related facts here:
        Ta ;)

  6. Thank fork. It’s about time there was a proper Q&A

  7. At least we might finally get some more concrete details.

    Come on Sony, I wanna download my mid-month swag from the PS+ store :P

    • I wanted to download Red Johnson Chronicles for £4 but didn’t have the money til after PSN shut down.

      Wonder if they will have last months offer again with this months.

      • I presume they will. If not, Sony may as well just take a piss on us now ;)

      • kinky…8o

  8. As far as I can see the only way back for Sony from this is to make the PSN into THEE must have network. Make it into a killer app if you will, then people will forgive and forget over time. Come on Sony! show us what your made of.

    • Or if they catch the dude before he sells the information.

  9. A form of compensastion is on the cards aswell I feel

    • maybe they’ll give us all a couple of booth babes…8D

      that’d be nice

  10. just so people know, i forgot to change my paypal password, used the same as my PSN password, and email address obviously, had 7 unauthorised payments made form it yesterday, nothing massive but added together amounted to quite a bit.

    Only way this could have happened was someone using my password, only place i can think of this being obtained is through PSN hack. So i’ve changed it now and will be getting my money back through paypal, but just a heads up that if you did use the same password for anything else, make sure you go and change it now

    • This is very worrying indeed. If it is linked to the PSN then the details must have already been sold :/

      Thanks for the heads up man

    • Proof???

      • Do you want his account details? Just ask SCE, they’ll give them to you!

      • Never said I had any, just that the only place I can think that someone has got hold of my password from is Psn, also, one word responses aren’t good as they can be taken as said in any context/tone

      • You must know where they withdrawn to though right?

      • It was payments made to other paypal accounts so all that shows up is an email address. but like i said, i will get my money back through paypal

    • Thanks for the reminder! I’d actually forgotten my password for PSN so I’ve gone around changing them all, Paypal was missed until now! Let’s hope for the rest of the PSN users that your case was from a stolen/guessed/cracked password from somewhere else!

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