CoD Map Pack: Escalation Now Live

The newest map pack for everyone’s favourite batshit crazy modern FPS with torture-filled cutscenes is now live. Obviously it’s not out on PS3 yet and the PC version is also delayed to fulfil the 360’s exclusive period so don’t fret about the PSN, PS3 users weren’t due this pack yet anyway.

The pack is 1200MSP and includes four new maps plus a zombie map. Areas are pretty diverse with an abandoned zoo, military convoy, Cuban hotel and Russian village all making an appearance alongside the Call of the Dead zombie-flavoured area.


We’re told that there’s a double XP weekend coming up too and that it’s for everyone, not just the lucky Xbox Live gamers with their hands on the new maps.



  1. Ooosh on the price, not for me. Bought modern warfare gotye bend New for a ten spot in either news.

    • Can someone engage the universal translator? :)

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