More ‘Too Human’ Games On The Way?

Does anyone remember ‘Too Human’? Once pencilled in for a Gamecube release, it eventually saw the light of day on the Xbox 360, albeit to a somewhat muted response. Personally I didn’t think it was an awful game, it just needed some tweaks to the gameplay mechanic (and enemies that don’t constantly spam the same move).

The Silicon Knights president, Denis Dyack, has commented on the possibility of completing the Too Human trilogy:


“We intend to finish the trilogy but no comment beyond that… You know, there’s very public litigation around that.”

I for one would be interested in seeing what improvements Silicon Knights would bring to the table.

Source: Industry Gamers



  1. i don’t think it’s a surprise they’re talking about this series now, what with the thor movie bringing the norse gods into the public eye again.

    i’ve got a copy of the game, it’s not the masterpiece some were hyping it as before release, but i had fun playing it.
    i’ve played some much more, financially, successful games that were nowhere near as much fun as this.

  2. yay a sequel of one of the worst games i’ve ever played.

  3. I’d rather play Destroy all Human’s and that was gash

  4. wow surely after the first screw up they wouldnt even entertain two more??

  5. I’ve never even heard of it.

  6. I got 1000 points on that :)
    Hunting the last armour piece for my cyber-zerker took aaaaages!

    I hope they go multiplatform if they do finish the trilogy as I no longer own a 360…

  7. Thought original was dhite

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