WeView: Portal 2

A few of you commented on the pretty obvious hint I dropped in last week’s WeView, and yes it really is here now. It’s time to gather your thoughts on Portal 2, put virtual pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and give your opinion of Valve’s tale of puzzle solving hilarity.

Push the button. For science.

Of course love for Portal and it’s successor has been pretty close to universal. There are a few who don’t like the puzzles or who just don’t like the humour, but it seems pretty rare to actually encounter them. Compared to games that seem far more popular, such as Call of Duty, there just seems to be a more universal feeling of love towards Portal and it’s sequel.

Portal 2 isn’t without it’s flaws and sits on a very comfortable nine, not quite managing to grab the brass ring of a ten. That’s not to say that Alex was shy with praise for the title, in fact he heaped it on.

Regardless, games like this don’t come around very often, and if you miss out on this one you’ll be skipping one of the finest examples of the medium the industry has to offer: Portal 2 is compelling, exciting, wildly capricious and, most importantly, laugh out loud funny. And who knows, maybe there’ll be a surprise waiting for you – at the end.

Now, whilst normally I’d give Alex’s opinion all the love in the world it doesn’t really matter here. This is about you think of GLaDOS’s little world, so head over to the forums and give us your opinion.  Remember to give a score using the Buy It, Rent It, Bargain Bin, Avoid It scale, and if you want your review to count in the verdict get it in by Sunday morning.



  1. Cool, I have something penned in advance for this one.

  2. I’ll try and actually bother to pen something for this. Was going to do ME2, but wasn’t able to get the time in for it.

  3. Alright, I can write about this. :D

  4. I wasn’t particularly fussed over the first one having had it on 360 so I haven’t really had much, or any interest in this really but the sheer amount of love this garners from almost every quarter of the gaming community is hard to ignore so I’m looking quite forward to reading members thoughts on it.

    Who knows? You might get a rental out of me yet. :)

  5. Unfortunate that the majority of us haven’t gotten a chance to play throught the co-op in time for this review.

    I’ll try and put down a couple words though… :D

  6. Only played this on co-op at my mates. Was a barrel of fun, but don’t think I’ll be getting it myself.

  7. Wish I could afford this. Looks great and TSA review was great. Deffo plan on picking it up, just not sure when.

  8. Done :D

  9. still making my way through p1, which i love & find it to be a nice change from… well every other game i own(bought o.box last wk).
    one thing i hope hasn’t made a return in p2, is after a task results in death, you have to re-load that same lvl. this won’t stop me adoring p2 as i do p1, but would be a bonus if it wasn’t there(breaks the immersion/dislike loading times in general)
    would be appreciate clarification on this, many thanks in advance.

  10. I’ll put down some of my thoughts so far, although when I mentioned them on twitter last night I was instantly told I was wrong. I imagine much the same will happen here lol.

    • No it won’t, you’re wrong.


    • So I assume your opinion is different from everyone else’s. You’re still allowed to have that opinion, and if you can explain why it could be interesting to read even if I may not have the same opinion.

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