21yr Old Canadian Sues Sony For $1 Billion

Toronto law firm, McPhadden Samac Tuovi LLC, has started a proposed class action suit against Sony USA, Sony Canada, Sony Japan – in fact anything with Sony in its title. The plaintif is a 21yr old Mississauga resident, Natasha Maksimovic. Natasha is claiming in excess of $1 billion as she is suffering from “fear, anxiety (and) emotional distress” and also the costs of insurance and credit monitoring services for two years.

“If you can’t trust a huge multinational corporation like Sony to protect your private information, who can you trust?” asked Ms. Maksimovic via a press release.

I don’t know my dear, but you must be utterly terrified to be in need of $1 billion for emotional distress, I’m suprised you managed to hold a pen long enough to write your press release.


P.S. If you are reading this Ms. Maksimovic….. BOO!

Source: The Globe & Mail



  1. Good god I’m losing faith in the human race.

    • This is why i want to be an alien…

    • I lost my faith a long time ago. This is just confirmation. A billion dollars for no online? I know some people are obsessed with COD but this takes it a bit far.

      • Is she sueing Sony because of what being addicted to games has done to her (can no longer face the ‘real world’) or is she sueing cuz of the downtime and she can no longer shoot baddies? crazy f’cking lady!!!!!

    • Agree with you guys, sometimes you just wonder how some people’s mind works….

  2. It’s a joke, right?
    Or she’s as mad as a hatter!

    • Exactly my thought. Where does she live? An asylum?

  3. I might sue him for $2bln for putting up with the boredom & tediousness of idiots like this popping out of the woodwork everytime something falls over.

    However, pretty sure he’d have the last laugh if he actually won anything, perhaps we should all have a pop?

    • She.

    • Especially if SHE uses the money for a sex change.

      • oh yeah, the pic of old bloke in the article’s title put me off ;)

      • i’m guessing that pic is meant to represent the average reaction on the internet to this news.

      • That’s an elderly woman, is it not?

      • that’s the WTF granny from GAME isn’t it?

    • Errrr mate, it’s a she that’s sueing, not a he.

    • Its a he, FACT

  4. “I don’t know my dear, but you must be utterly terrified to be in need of $1 billion for emotional distress, I’m suprised you managed to hold a pen long enough to write your press release.”

    I haven’t lol’d this much in a while.

  5. Ha! Yeah right!
    As if girls play videogames!

    • Yeah, get back in the kitchen! Lol

      • Neither of you should be mocking her, what she is doing is stupid but not as stupid as sexism.

      • Okay, maybe the comment was wrong but I was following up PoorPaddy89 as it was a joke. ‘ROFL’ and ‘LOL’ kinda point to it.

      • LOL @ ratkiller’s response. You’re kidding, right? >.>

      • get a life ratkiller…

      • How can you post a comment about jokes about sexism when you mock the cold-hearted termination of rodents? Ratkiller… be ashamed. :-P

      • Comment hidden

      • Your one to talk Ratkiller, you damn rat murderer.


      • Rat killer? Isn’t that a woman’s job?! [JOKE]

  6. Oh dear, not surprised its come from over the pond…..again.

    If this person wins anything then good luck.

    • Yeah but Canada. That’s supposed to be America’s smarter cousin, the one that graduated and everything.
      That said, every country has it’s idiot holes.

      • Too bad I’m the one for the Netherlands. And even I wouldn’t sue Sony for this.

      • Heading to your wonderful country this weekend for a mad stag do (sorry in advance) . Love the dutch people , going to get hammered Saturday and Sunday then on Monday im going to bugger off and do my own thing and visit the Dutch Resistance Museum . Hope the weather has been as good in Holland as it has been in UK for last few weeks .

  7. we need a whole new emoticon to describe my face right now.

  8. This fool needs a headbutt, methinks – Commander Sheperd style.

    • …or maybe scott pilgrim style where she bursts into 1 billion coins…oh the irony!

  9. This is ridiculous! But the $1 Billion will be split between other plaintiffs and won’t just go to Ms. Maksimovic. Class Action Lawsuits mean that many others who feel they need to take this to court can just add their name onto the prosecution case. If they win (unlikely as it is) a big chunk of the billion will go to legal aid, and costs to the justice system and the remaining $ will be divided between plaintiffs, so they’re not likely to get more than a few million each. And that’s if they win.

    • Hell I’ll pop my name on. Beats working ;-)

  10. I hate to think what she would do if her PS3 died. I hope see realises that nothing is unhackable. If she is suffering from fear then maybe she should stop playing dead space then?:P It sounds like someone is obessed with their PS3.

    • I can only hope that her heart might stop (if her PS3 does the same). Not that I wish any ill-will on her. Promise.

      • I have a feeling that Sony will send round some top men to take care off her.:P

      • Edit:I meant around after top men.I am having trouble typing today.O-0

      • Steven you ALWAYS have trouble typing ;P. Oh and Sony sending some top men to take care of her sounds like a bad porn flick in my mind. That probably just me though… me and bunimomike

      • @Boomshanks Sounds good to me, I’d torrent it.

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