inFamous 2 Preview Screens

Earlier today, we posted an interview with Brian Fleming from Sucker Punch. There were screenshots to go along with that interview but we didn’t receive them until this afternoon so they missed our schedule for being posted at the same time.

We thought that rather than just add them to the earlier story and risk them being missed by those who already read that story, you’d want to see them more prominently. So here they are, looking quite ridiculously good.



  1. They seem rather good if you ask me. Loved the first one and have high hopes for the sequel. I’m seeing a lot of “monsters”, I really hope this doesn’t turn out to be a Resistance-like TPS with super powers…

  2. Wow, the jump in graphical quality from Infamous 1 is astounding.

  3. when did this become part of resistance?

  4. They do look ridiculously good can’t wait

  5. Looks lovely, still uncertain with a day one purchase sadly…. maybe if there isn’t many games

    • Why would you not buy game of the year?(almost).Playing the beta and this is a most have for ps3 owners.

      • really? you usually have to sign in every time you start a beta, plus there wasn’t much time to download it in the first place.

  6. I love the tag line to the article :) Surprised I haven’t seen it used before

    • I’m just glad someone else gets it!

  7. Looking good, but I am still left unconvinced from the original inFamous which I didn’t think much of.

    • I thoroughly enjoyed the first inFamous, what’s not to like?

    • To be honest, fella, if the game-type isn’t for you this might not win you over. However, for me, I’m getting excited about the sequel and screenshot #3 is utterly sensational with the use of lighting. The energy transmitted (with the fire in the background) looks effing marvellous.

  8. They look good but i want to know if we can use the lighting in the same way as the emperor from Star wars? if so then Infamous 2 has another reason for me to buy it.

  9. Love the tag line, great song!!
    They look great those screens. Day one purchase for me.

  10. Can. Not. Wait.

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