New FIFA Engine “Biggest Change” Since ’07

Speaking to OXM, the Lead Gameplay Designer on FIFA 12 has said that they’ve made the biggest changes to the series since the current generation revamp in 2007. That iteration saw the game’s first appearances on HD consoles and included changes to gameplay such as ball spin being affected by the pitch and each individual player’s ability and strength with each foot.

The new Impact Engine removes the need for stock collision animations and makes factors such as momentum have a much greater relevance to tackles. Aaron McHardy, the Lead Gameplay Designer, says that the new engine allows for a lot more accuracy and fluidity in the collision detections. As always with the yearly franchise, they’re also looking to the future with this upgrade.


When you think about the resilience of the player and the ability for someone to take a hit and continue dribbling, we didn’t have that ability before in our game because you were either dribbling or you were stumbling. Now we have that grey area and it’s something we can play with down the line, just to give you some vision of where we see these kind of things going.

FIFA 12’s new Impact Engine has a lot to live up to if these claims are to be realised on its release. With last year’s huge improvements to the PES series and more promised this year, it will be very interesting to see how the dominant FIFA franchise answers that increased competition.

Source: OXM



  1. Well…Isn’t this something they say each and every year, no?

    • Exactly what I was about to say. I heard PES made great strides last year (finally) but I opted for FIFA. Might have to have a real think this year.

      • I’m renting PES 2011 at the moment, and it’s great fun, really.
        To me it’s always been down to preference, FIFA or PES, have never really noticed a considerable gap in quality between them.

  2. Good to see EA and the Fifa team catching up with technology that GTAIV was using years ago. What will they think of next?

  3. To be honest I think Pro Evo is out of the picture – FIFA 11 is by far the best football game ever, and I used to be a huge Pro Evo fan. Now that strength can be as useful as pace, it has evened the playing field (no pun intended)! Since FIFA lost the gimmicks (e.g. off the ball player control) and have made slight improvements each year, FIFA 12 should be awesome! However I’d like the old penalty system back and hope that the snow matches aren’t so frequent! :)

    • I used to hate the old penalty system until I did it in the training mode with assist on to find out how long to hold the direction. Now I love it. Feel they should perhaps make it’s training compulsory on first go.

      • Yeah the new penalty system is a massive improvement. Old penalties just used to be pot-luck as to whether they went into the corner or not. I’m surprised it took this long for them to change them.

    • Fifa will be out of my picture if the latest ends up being infested with bugs…. BUGS!!!!! oh and the frameskips I think they’re called that can be really annoying sometimes.

      The menus have never been the best but they should take a peek at the other games like Tekken 6? menus that tend to have a area and a pitch behind them always tend to lengthen the loadtimes. (PS3 perhaps or just bad game design?)

      PES and menus have always mixed well though, can’t wait for the next game and Fifa of course. So hopefully the biggest change in Fifa 12 is menus, very fast menus and no arena…. they can resist the flaming foul attacks from the Fifa/cods yobs.

      • No arena? That’s a fantastic part of the game and something they will not get rid of.

      • yeah your right that was a bit foolish, its better than the tips from the old games…

      • They need to improve the loading for subs, Christ almighty that boring. Also I don’t need to see a player who looks nothing like they person they’re supposed to see while the sub is being made. If you’re going to do it at least focus on a player who has a face that isn’t made of gravel!

  4. I bought 11 which was the biggest update since 10 which was the biggest leap in a while. See a pattern?

  5. As long as they sort out the passing to be more like FIFA10 rather than the very slack feel of 11, I’ll be happy.

  6. Honestly, all this ‘ball spin affected by pitch’ and little things like that, i don’t even notice in the game !

  7. I think FIFA11 is a great game, its the best football game I’ve played since my Uni days when me and my flat-mates spent about 5000 hours on PES 5/6 and only 5 hours on our dissertations, LOL!! ;-)
    Love FIFA11, and if the keep the same general priciples in FIFA12 with the above improvements, I’ll be there on day 1 yet again

    • Did you ever play South Africa? I thought that was the best. The quick players actually had and advantage over defenders if they got half a yard’s march on them. Lennon and Walcott could destroy full backs if they ran at the them.

      In FIFA 11 though they seem to have gone back to the old way of making defenders super strong and as quick as the winger’s. Unless you’re already a mile ahead of the full back you’ve got no chance of getting past them 9 times out of 10.

      • Yeah the South Africa game is the best EA football and better than both PES 11 and FIFA 11.

  8. these games always have “the new big feature”
    and the only thing it seems to be successful at is making the game more complicated.

    at some point feature creep is going to make these games so bloated that it will be impossible to remember all the controls, and they’ll have to make it turn based.

    • Turn-based football game?

      Subbuteo anyone? (:

      • Now there’s a thought, a subbuteo game would be amazing!

  9. I’ve been waiting for this news. if they pull it off it could be a the game changer they’re calling.

    messi holding onto the ball while skipping thru flailing tackles, body contact that looks realistic.

    Rooney knocking defenders out the way without it looking like they’ve been snipered.

    • It’s FIFA 2012 so Rooney won’t be knocking anyone out of the way ;)

  10. i bought Fifa 11 and i played it once, and went back to Fifa 10, tbh there has been no change in 4 years, and i dont see this new engine changing anything

    • I preferred Fifa 10 too, sadly i traded in 10 to get 11 ):

    • You’re blind if you can’t see the changes over four years. Blind.

      • Yup, FIFA 09 was like night & day compared to 08, just like 07 was compared to pretty much everything before that.

        From my personal point of view, I started to find annoyances with 10 and found them amplified further in 11 (odd numbered FIFA’s are renowned for being the best because of no interim titles (World Cup/European Cup) released in the same year… so I don’t know what happened with 11, although they had strengthened the management side of things, but I sadly found it massively lacking compared to the Master League in PES2011.

        Still, as always look forward to the new game

      • Totally agree on the annoyances, cc
        Manager mode wise, it has got to be the most basic in the series, hopefully they just wanted to implement the new fixture sheduling and player, player/mangers thing then build from there.

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