Microsoft Readying New Xbox?

This is absolutely huge if it can be believed. Develop, who are usually very reliable, are quoting an anonymous source as saying that EA have a new Microsoft console on some desks and are preparing first wave software for the machine already.

The suggestion is that Microsoft might be preparing an announcement at E3, just in time to steal Nintendo’s thunder on their Project Café (Wii 2) announcement. According to Develop’s source, the new console is so early in its development that it doesn’t even have proper housing yet – it’s been delivered inside PC casing. We assume that this is indeed normal procedure for the development stages of any new hardware of this type.

This new rumour, coupled with the Microsoft job advertisements for hardware engineers from earlier in the year, would seem to indicate that new hardware development is well and truly underway. Just how early in that development we are is another matter but large publishing partners would presumably get access only when the final specification and build blueprints are locked and there’s only testing and refinement to go.

E3, then… That’ll be worth keeping an eye on.

Source: Develop



  1. Too soon for little old me.

    • I agree, there’s still more to come from the present generation. The PS3 is just beginning to hit its stride with top games + exclusives. Perhapas MS will learn from the RROD debacle…

    • It could be 2 years yet from what the article says, there isn’t a final prototype yet!

    • EA says its all just the excrement of a male cow:

      • Sorry for double posting, and for replying to get it on the front page, but I felt like it had to be showed in clear view.

  2. It’s a bit earl isn’t it for a new console? I would have thought that MS would focus on Kinect seeing as they advertised the living hell out of it.I hope MS learned from their previous mistake of rushing a console out in order to gain maxium profits. Then again it could be an attempt to counter Nintendo.

    • sorry,double post.I thought the button didn’t work as i got told off by wordpress for posting too quickly.O_o

      • it’s okay, I’d already tidied it up ;)

      • you are fast,CB.As soon i posted that comment below the first comment,the other one was gone.Are you part ninja? thanks.:)

  3. Whilst talk may be too soon, I think by Christmas 2012 a lot of people will be ready for something new… MS could easily run the Xbox 360 as a budget alternative for many years just like Sony have with the PS2, when the PS3 came out after 6 years.

    • 4 days too late… Nobody will be alive to buy it.

      • Nah the Mayans died after making the calender

  4. Surely Microsoft won’t release the next Xbox for a while yet… They only just released Kinect, although I suppose they could keep Kinect for the next one. Still, I imagine it will be at least Q4 2012 before it’s released, possibly even 2013.

  5. IF (a big IF) this turns out to be correct, then this can mean 2 things….

    1. If they announce it at E3, then surely it won’t be on shelves until Christmas 2012-ish, thus stifling sales of the 360 up until that point.

    2. All that talk about Kinect being a new “platform” was hyper-bowl….

    • It was said by Microsoft that Kinect will be a corner-stone of their next gen and many analysts said it would need to be included as standard to avoid it being thought of as an add-on, with obviously limited game types possible due to the reduced budgets of designing for an add-on

  6. Excellent, another console I wont be buying (along with the Wii 2)

    • I won’t be buying either of them, gonna wait for the PS4.

  7. Seems a bit early, especially when they’ve sold they’re souls to the Kinect.

  8. blimey, I guess this will still take a few years before releasing anyway.

  9. First thoughts were that this hardware might be a test bed so MS could get feedback from devs about potential bottlenecks / limitations in the system, like the memory allocation in the PS3. No offence to EA but their in house devs are hardly known for pushing graphical boundaries, MS have have been better off shipping it to Epic, id or even Crytek (if they haven’t already)

    • There’s the interesting thing: As a test bed you’d think Microsoft Game Studios, 343i maybe Epic and Bungie. All the 1st and 2nd party devs and those with exceptionally strong MS links…
      EA make much more sense as a launch line-up partner – which would indicate (again, if this info is to be trusted at all) that we’re much closer to retail than if it were a test bed.
      Time will tell, I guess. Fun to speculate though!

      • EA would sort-of make sense, but that would be a big u-turn in the face of Sony seen as last year all of EA’s games were demoed on PS3’s and got PS3 exclusive content..

      • (demoed at E3…)

  10. I hope sony annonce ps4 soon.With the resent hacking i think sony needs a new console. hopefully launch 2012-2013.

    • What difference would this actually make though? It won’t make the network any more secure will it?

    • I hope the PS4 is years away. I do not need a PS4, and I want to see the developers put their effort into the PS3. Anyway, apart from better graphics, what is the PS4 going to include? 3D? I can live without it. Motion control? Seems to be a bit of a fad, what with Nintendo moving right away from it with Project Cafe. Much better for all concerned to keep going with the PS3.

      • I agree, although I do like move…
        But what I was going to say, is that we must not forget that it’s still very expensive to develop high quality games for the current gen, new hardware could harm devs, that have just gotten good on the ps3.

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