Starhawk Teased Again

Do you know what the absolute best advert for the newly invigorated PSN will be? Fantastic online multiplayer games that are quite simply the most fun you can have online without a webcam and a bottle of baby oil. Some would say that, for the PlayStation 3, that ethos is still led by one game: Warhawk.

So it’s not surprising that anticipation is extremely high for its sequel (which we, and almost everyone except those involved with it, are calling Starhawk). Warhawk’s excellent multiplayer mayhem, adept balancing and hard-to-beat joyfulness but with a space-based twist? Sounds ideal to me. The added single player mode we’ve heard rumoured and the extra features that are possible with a full Blu-ray release are the icing on a particularly enticing cake.

Put simply: we can’t wait.

So, it’s with much excitement that we saw a tweet from Mr Dylan Jobe this morning:

The wait is over next Friday… #DylanLightsTheFuse

Which lines up nicely with some other hinting and excitement building we’ve been hearing via other channels.

Jobe has often said previously that he is not a fan of the overly long hype building that many games are given. He seems to prefer to announce and show off a game when it’s much closer to completion. Hopefully this bodes extremely well for the still rather sparse tail end of 2011 (in comparison to the jam-packed start to the year).



  1. *looks around*

    • *and see’s gordon in the corner, with a wet patch in the centre of his beige chinos*

    • *silence*

    • *alex runs away*

  2. You think they’d finally announce it as they’ve been teasing it for who knows who long! :P

  3. You know, I never played Warwawk, but always wanted to. I’m even more interested in this because of that fact. Count me in for this one!

    • Warhark has one of those gameplay mechanics that simply draws you in and makes you want to play and play. Simple joy.

    • even if the sequel was out now, i’d still recommend buying warhawk. still stands it’s ground even though an early ps3 title.
      gameplay is some of the best around.

  4. I’ve ordered Warhawk on Blu-ray for when the PSN comes back, with all that hype it must be really worth it…

    • How much of a kick in the teeth would it be now for you, if Warhawk is one of the free games available when psn gets back up!

      Personally I’m hoping it is one of the games available, want to see what all the fuss is about.

      • I didn’t think of that, ordered it before i knew about the back up program though.

  5. can’t wait for starhawk a spent a few hundred hours on warhawk.

  6. Cannot wait, hopefully it’s this year.

    Also, you know there’s stuff that needs talking about.

  7. Can’t wait here too! Warhawk is an amazingly playable game, even for new players! So hoping this will be for starhawk!

  8. “Jobe has often said previously that he is not a fan of the overly long hype building that many games are given.”

    Is this guy pulling our collective pisser, or what? Enough with the meaningless tweets, It really is time we had something worth salivating over.

    • A couple of tweets in a year, one of them being that the reveal is coming next week isn’t building hype in the sense of Jaffe rocking up at a trade-show in a Sweet Tooth ice cream truck, showing off pre-pre-pre alphas footage, or a years worth of dev diaries (which is a shame because I like the dev diary approach) although there’s still time after the reveal, I suppose.

      • You’re right but I’d just like confirmation, you know?
        I guess I’m just excited for it and their continued coy-ness is bugging me a little considering how long it is since Warhawk first graced our consoles.

  9. holy cow. i’m more excited about this, than the three properties i’m going to view this afternoon (just don’t repeat that to the mrs…)

  10. Friday… dammit it feels so far away now.

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