Blurry GTA V ‘Screens’ Appear

Disclaimer: There is no source for these screens.

We have no idea where they are from originally and they are very blurry and almost certainly fabricated – some have said they look like a modded version of GTA IV or Vice City and the title screen’s just an image from Google.

They appeared this morning on online retailer ShopTo’s news blog.  However, the first image looks suspiciously like Niko, and that motion blur’s almost too Photoshop, so we’re calling fake.

Earlier on in the month there were rumours GTAV would be a Wii exclusive but recent events would indicate a Wii 2 release and a release date of January 15th 2012 was spotted on Gamestop.

What do you think?

Source: ShopTo.Net


  1. Why are people unable to hold their hands still whilst taking a picture? It’s like the excitement induces a fit before you press the button. Anyway, I say fake.

    • Lol, maybe they have a really really old phone with a 0.1mp camera?

    • Anyone with access to the game at this stage would be able to take a focused photograph surely.

    • It’s the adrenaline rush from breaking the NDA, whenever your filming your crime, camera work has to come second… :)

  2. Vice City!

    • Wouldn’t it be oh so sweet if the next GTA was coming back to Vice City? :)

      • I’d like a UK based one, not London though. Maybe Birmingham or, more likely, a fictional version

      • GTA: Shotley Bridge

  3. It’s a Phoney!Hey everyone it’s a phoney a big fat Phoney!:P
    It looks like a mod. Why is it that whenever a screenshot is leaked,it is always blurry?Can’t the person stand still for at least 1 minute?

    • if it wasn’t blurry then it (in this case) would be instantly recognisable as a fake.
      although pics are most defiantly fake, i get the feeling we are going to see a more old school gameplay, humour & backdrop, like & s.andreas.

  4. nah…

  5. Most probably a fake, due to the fact LA Noire is out soon, and didn’t they say they were working on Agent before the next GTA?

    • I’ve been told that too.

    • i thought Agent had been cancelled.

      • The Agency was canceled. Totally different game.

  6. I agree with Tuffcub, the motion bur is definately Photoshop generated. And the lettering on the second has definately be chopped and the detailing on the last ‘t’ of theft is all wrong.


  7. All aboard the hype train

  8. Fake, only because its actually called GTA V, who said the next game will be called GTA V, we all saw how long it took from GTA III to GTA IV, there were many side installments inbetween. Its most likely going to be GTA… something… but it will might be GTA V if R* is in the mood for a direct sequal.

    • Rockstar considers the GTAIV DLC to have wrapped that chapter, in the same way Vice City and San Andreas did. GTAV is entirely possible.

      • It might have closed the story of GTA IV, but that doesnt mean a side installment wont come. But you might still be right, a GTA V might still be entirly possible, I just expect a type of side installment.

      • Well, GTA 3 and spin offs were produced on the same engine so I’d imagine we’re not actually going to see GTA V until they create an entirely new engine or on new consoles.

      • But older GTA games bar 4 weren’t bought out during the longest console generation yet.
        It’s definitely plausible that we’ll see GTA V on the PS3/360/Wii2

  9. i call BS

    • “Hello, this is Ben Stiller, how can I help you?”

      • hahaha, where’s the like button on this thing.

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