Rumour: Heavenly Sword 2 In Production

Rumour has it that a sequel to aging PlayStation 3 title ‘Heavenly Sword’ is in production and will be officially unveiled at E3. The sequel will allegedly be set ten years after the first title and will be an open world sand box game.

Bit of a curveball this one, everyone has assumed Heavenly Sword was dead and buried although Nariko regularly appears in ‘top ten PS3 babes’ lists. Ninja Theory co-founder Tameem Antoniades has said in the past that the game was intended to be the first of a trilogy and the story for the sequels has been written.

Ninja Theory are busy working on the Devil May Cry reboot for Capcom so it’s unlikely they are involved in any sequel, Sony own the IP so may have given the task to a different developer. 

Will Nariko burst from an Ice Cream van and yell ‘Suprise!’ at E3? Not long till we find out.

Source: PlayGamer via GamesThirst



  1. Could be one of the games Santa Monica are apparently working on, maybe? I’m excited if true, but I’ve been let down many a time before by the pre-E3 rumour mill.

    • Pure speculation on my part but it would be cool :) Also note I managed to write up the whole thing without mentioning my own Heavenly Sword. Fnnaaaarrrrrrrr!


    • It definitely wont be Ninja Theory. They stated they hate working on the PS3. But I really love HS. Was the first properly cinematic game I played, Andy Serkis was brilliant. If he wasn’t in the new one I wouldn’t get it.

      • And ANNA TORV, please let her be in it again! She’s mega mega hot

  2. Hopefully this is true as I loved the first one. Also hoping it is multi-format like Enslaved :)

    • “Sony own the IP so may have given the task to a different developer.” whoops, nevermind lol

      • The first one was a great launch game.

    • Why do you not have a ps3? You are really missing some games!!!!

      • I had one until this weekend lol! ;)

      • But he played the first one, so he might have a ps3.

      • sold it or YLOD?

      • I sold it to my brother in law. He’s been itching to get one on the cheap and recent events have put me off playing mine so… :)

  3. Open world sandbox game? Interesting. It’s been a while since I’ve played Heavenly Sword but as far as I remember the story seemed pretty concluded at the end.

  4. Ehm…Twing Twang?

  5. Man I hope this is true. I loved Heavenly Sword, it was the first PS3 game I ever played. *single tear rolls down cheek*

    • Forgot how early in the PS3’s lifetime it came out. Thinking back I believe this was the 3rd ever PS3 game I played (with Resistance and Motorstorm being the obvious first 2)

    • Same here as it was the first PS3 game I ever bought. If true, will be interesting to see where they take the story.

  6. Bring the joy.

    I still regard the first as one of the finest adventure games on PS3 regardless of its age and it’s one of only a few games I’ve completed more than once.

  7. Loved it. Hope it get’s a sequell.

  8. An open world sand box type of game? That is like the complete oposite of the original, which people loved. Why change what works? I’m glad it’s finally getting a sequel but shouldn’t it be done right?

  9. Brilliant stuff, I still got the 1st one on my shelf, will replay it before they release the 2nd. It’s a brilliant fun game.

  10. I read the headline and was thrilled, I then read “open world, sandbox game”…:o(

    • Same the fact that the original was so beautifully linear was actually one of its highlights.

    • Same for me, got a little excited, and now I no longer care. Makes no sense either. Will have to wait for more info..

    • If going to be in way Assassins Creed works then great.

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