New PS3 Exclusive Game Hits TSA This Friday

Just a heads-up, we’ve got something rather special lined up on TheSixthAxis for 9.30am this Friday, UK time.


We can’t say what it is exactly, but we can say it’s a full hands-on report on a brand new PlayStation 3 exclusive, and it’s one you’re not going to want to miss.  We’ll have impressions, screens and an interview all at around the same time.

Trust us, this thing is amazing…



  1. You are such a tease!

  2. lol Starhawk

    • I beleave your correct as have just posted a starhawk reveal at 9:30am Friday.


      • Despite how their headline reads, they’re speculating that it’s Starhawk, rather than confirming…

        It is though, isn’t it?

      • reckon it is starhawk as well was hoping for Agent.

  3. Hope its not some mini….

    • Can I replace the [Member] with [Mr Negative]!

      • hardly. minis are not much to be making a deal about so i hope it wasnt one of them.

        Doubt TSA would pull out a teaser for one though. That would be daft.

      • Nothing can replace my Member, it’s too big.

  4. You tease!

  5. Please be The Agent.

  6. Does it’s codename start with an ‘s’ and end with a “tarhawk”?

  7. I say Sorcery. It’s been a while since anything has been announced about it. Friday is going to be awesome anyway.

    • Saturday is gonna be awesome. Utd win the title! :)

      • Well I hope you beat Blackburn, that would certainly do us a favour.

        Cough. Starhawk. Cough.

      • And Man City win the Cup. Manchester is going to be messy Saturday night.

      • even if Stoke win Manchester is gonna be messy….maybe more so.

    • Of course Friday will be awesome. It’s my birthday!

    • SORCERY!! I hope it is oh so much. Although Starhawk would be the next best thing.

  8. Looking forward to this :D

  9. I love the shocked granny icon that is appearing on your scandalous/surprising news now!

  10. :D mind blown

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