PlayStation Suite Listing Appears On ESRB

The PlayStation Suite has already been confirmed for multiple devices, mainly Android, but this listing on the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) lists a few other platforms, too, presumably in error.

Oddly, there’s mention of the Wii and the DS, alongside ‘PlayStation 3’ and ‘PlayStation Certified device’.  A cached, older version of this page doesn’t list these Nintendo platforms.


It’s clearly some kind of mistake (or test) but it does suggest that PlayStation Suite titles will need to be rated by the ESRB like most other games.  That, and ‘Suite games might also run on the PS3…

We’ll probably hear more about the PlayStation Suite at E3.

Source: GAF.



  1. It’d be nice to see it on the iPhone, but given Apple’s recent record of bumping up their charges I can see Sony staying away.

    • Yuo mean bumping charges for apps? Gosh give someone a little popularity, isn’t the very small prices of app games the biggest factor in it’s success in the handheld market at the moment?

      • They’re apparently charging vendors higher percentages to sell through their apps. I think it has caused Amazon to rethink how Kindle for the iPhone works among others.

  2. I can’t see this on iPhone really when Sony are right behind Android, but no doubt we will be hearing a lot more about this at E3!

  3. The suite is only for psone games anyway so what would be the point of it on ps3?

  4. Nintendo have a new realationship with Sony aweeeee…. <3
    I don't think it will appear on the PS3, the Playstation Suite is just for mobiles unless it features some compatibaitly with the PS3?

  5. Ive been slightly confused by what exactly the playstation suite IS ever since its announcement.

    Is it like an app store for playstation branded products? Isnt that what the playstation store is already?

    • I think its just for anything that isn’t a Playstation, maybe it’ll be on the Bravia or Tablets? that would be interesting

  6. see this is smart by sony if true and ive been saying that nintendo should have capatalised on a similer thing for ages.

    super mario allstars has been gone and made its money, yet you still see it creeping up in places such as the wiiware store, now if nintendo released these old retro games on psstore and live arcade the would make a mint, SEGA already capatalise on this, SNES and Mega Drive were part of a silver age for gaming and i know i would spend 800 microsoft points easy on a copy of mario allstars for the xbox, but yet i wouldnt buy it on the wiistore.

    the playstation version could work even better having psp compatibility.

    what im saying is how sweet would psone classic games like metal gear solid be if sony and konami gave the green light for the playstation suite license on the DS store or the wii store. SMART! if its true.

  7. Surely Playstation Suite on PS3 is the PS2 compatability returning in a more Nintendoesque fashion… (I mean we’ll have to buy the games again)… I’m sure I heard somewhere that quad-core processors (like NGP, or next years’ super phones) would be required to run PS2 games under Playstation Suite- presumably this will work on the Cell too…
    Also, props to Sony for making it Nintendo Compatible…

  8. I hope it links up my ps3, psp and xperia play.

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