Hitman: Absolution Gets A New Engine

Daniel Ben-Noon, a technical artist for IO Interactive has let slip that Hitman 5 will be running on a brand new game engine. Dubbed ‘Glacier 2’ it ‘has the potential to live up to the best.’

Previous IO games have run on the original Glacier engine, the last being Kane & Lynch 2.


Daniel posted the following on hitmanforums.com:

KL2 was the “swan song” of Glacier 1. For all its flaws and hate the title gets I would still call it the pinnacle of what that engine technology founded in ’94 could do. Environment fidelity, imho, way surpassing Army Of Two which was also set in Shanghai.

Without being able to tell you where and how far we will take specific new games, the engine technology that is Glacier 2 easily has potential to rival the best, so while living up to you guys’ expectations is no small task, at least we are making some changes and improvements that can actually take us there.

One person benefiting from more polygons in Glacier 2 will be British actress Marsha Thomason who has tweeted that she has just completed the motion capture for Diana in Hitman: Absolution.

The picture that accompanies the tweet reveals that Marsha had a microphone on her mocap suit, so she could also be voicing the character rather than Vivienne McKee.

Diana has only briefly been seen in previous Hitman games, in Contracts there is a brief shot of a blonde woman with fair skin and during Hitman: Blood Money she is brunette.

With Diana now mo-capped it’s obvious she is going to be on screen and if Marsha is voicing the character then perhaps her appearence has changed as well. Could Absolution be a Hitman reboot?

Source: Hitmanforums.com / Beefjack



  1. Are they saying they’ve been using the same engine for 17 years? cos that sounds like a ridiculously long time to me?

    • evolutions of.

      Actually looking forward to this I think. Something different for me as I’ve only played a demo of one of the ps2 hitman games. Enjoyed it then, so might give this one a try.

  2. They certainly seem confident about their tech so I hope they have the story and ideas to back it up. Been wanting this since the last one, so I hope IO fulfill the series’ potential and make it one of PS3’s best games.

  3. Looking forward to it.

  4. Never played any of the Hitman games, but just checked out some vids on Hitman-Blood Money, it looks brilliant, don’t know how i let this slip by.

    Reminds me of the Deus Ex as in the different choices you can make to approaching a situation. Will be keeping an eye on this.

  5. I might be mistaken but i think the first game to use the original Glacier engine was also a Hitman game so it sounds promising that they’ve chosen to launch the new engine with Hitman again. Looking forward to it.

  6. Giddy giddy giddy

  7. As much as this game sounds great, I have a bad feeling about it! I read an interview saying that they have changed the game style, and various other additions, hopefully it doesn’t lose that Hitman feel, and please NO MULTIPLAYER!!!

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