New Dragon Ball Game Coming To PS3/Xbox 360

First mentioned in the TSA forum, we kept an eye on the announcement of a new Dragon Ball game. Namco has now sent out a teaser trailer, and it’s certainly in keeping with typical Dragon Ball tradition (big explosions, bit hits, big hair).

In all honesty, despite being a massive Dragon Ball fan, I’ve never really enjoyed the games. Hopefully “Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2011” (catchy) can change that.

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  1. Interesting. The PS3/360 ones have been a bit shit, but Budokai Tenkaichi 3 on the Ps2 was fantastic.

    • I think it was Tenkaichi 2 that I loved, nice gameplay and I love the visual style of these games. Kinda like what Borderlands is like but less dirty.

  2. My god…. GIANT APES…. (the true size?)

  3. I loved the Tenkaichi series. The over the shoulder cam was a revelation. The one other thing I’ve got to say is that I hate the beat ’em up genre. In my eyes it’s been insanely stale ever since the first MK, SF, VF, etc. They’re all the same games with fresh graphics. The scale of the DBZ games, with the variety of moves and destructible scenery a fresh perspective.

  4. I’d love to play these games if they would follow the story of the anime. Same goes for any Naruto beat ’em up game. Would buy every single game of the series if it would follow the story of the anime instead of just fighting other characts from the series in an arena.

  5. I’m quite enjoying db raging blast 2 at the moment, usually they get stale fast but this one has managed to keep my interest. I do love DBZ and they look like they’ve got some proper ground deformation from the looks of the trailer.

  6. After this many years is a free roam DragonBall game on the PS3 such a tall ask ?

    • No it’s not. I want a free roam now.

      • Let’s write a shouty letter to Bandai ! :D

      • I’m all for that. Although I’m assuming bandai might ignore us, being as it’s just the 2 of us.

  7. It’ll be interesting if it will be based on the arcade game, which is called Dragonball Zentai… that looks so much more of a evolution from Tenkaichi.
    I still believe more could’ve been done with Raging Blast, it was very underwhelming but still a fun game.

  8. Might do.

  9. Urgh. Sick of Tenkaichi style games, they bore me. The energy moves are too slow and avoidable, you can just duck and the opponent is totally there for the ownage. Why can’t they just make a new Budokai, just not as shit as Burst Limit. DBZ <3

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