SOCOM On PSN Being Tested Internally

We assumed this was happening, but PlayStation Netherlands have just tweeted the following in response to a query from a user:

Op dit moment is een selecte groep het netwerk aan het testen

Which, we think, confirms that a select group is currently testing the PSN, a small internal group no doubt, to ensure that everything’s running nicely.


Other reports suggest that there’s some online activity on SOCOM right now.

This hopefully means that the network is slowly coming back online and although it’s not much it’s hopefully another small indication that things are still progressing.



  1. YES!

    • Not sure of its authenticity, but i found this. Dated 7th may, but still relevant if true.
      “As we are rebuilding the network, we are taking into consideration implementing features such as, cross-game-chat and in-game video chat to name a few. I cannot confirm any new features at this time but expect a massive update when the network is restored,” said a Sony representative recently. We should also expect to see a revamp of the XMB, and other related changes.

      • PLEASE!!!

      • They need to update the browser & flashplayer before any pretty trimmings. I know must people use a pc, that’s irrelevant , its a ps3, marketed as a multi-media machine, it should perform to an acceptable/current standard. The current browser & player should’ve been there day1, do this & they’ll some more of my respect, which hasn’t been fully there due to this.

      • current browser & player *at that time, should’ve been there day1 *& upgraded accordingly

      • Browser update would be very welcome. Just throw in a Chrome or Opera browser and people will be happy.

  2. Always funny to encounter my own language on an English website. =P

    • It is isn’t it.

      Proper Translation is: A select group of people is testing the network right now.

      • They also seem to be mentioning #internal testing quite a lot…

      • LOL, I feel the same!

    • It is ;). Looks like it’s our day with Gameswap being cited. Lots of Dutch speaking people here it seems.

      The sentence in question is translated correctly. It’s practically English though.

      • To me, that sentence looks like it was written by an English person guessing how to write in Dutch.. :O never knew how similar the written languages were…….
        Well, atleast in that sentence anyway :)

      • I love how we all signed up around the same date!

      • C-c-c-c-combobreaker. And yeah Dutch rule etc, etc. :p

  3. According to google translate the tweet said.”Currently the network is a select group to test”. This could mean that PSN could be back up within the next week if no problems are found or if a certain group of people don’t hack it.

    • Thanks to TSA for stating this clearly…

      • Or at least better than Google Translate it seems. Statistical translation will only get you so far. :-)

    • Lol you got to love Google translate :D

  4. I’m itching to play SOCOM online……

  5. Just a few more days…

  6. Fingers crossed :)

  7. hated the demo for this unfortunately. Never played a SOCOM before and didn’t get on well with it.

    • The Socoms before this version were great! Don’t know what they smoking when they made this one.

      • I remember a dev saying, “to make it more accessible.” Basically dumbing the complexity down.(were past socoms that hard, I think not.) I also remember a kz dev quote the accessible line too. Don’t know why this is a possible trend, as it doesn’t stop “*the incredibly young immature clan enjoying cod.” (*referring to a small select group btw & not meaning youth = immaturity)

        socom reference:

  8. How about they switch PSN on and we can all test it? :P

  9. woop woop! come on they gotta get it back on tonight right?

  10. These messages give a lot more info & hope than SONY’s official.

    • It was from PlayStation Netherlands.

      • I know, but it’s just a tweet (by PlayStation Netherlands); not an official statement like the ones on the blog.

    • My exact first initial thought.

      • sorry response intended fot Klarts’ comment.

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