Bloodline Champions Gets Free Access Weekend

Anyone who logs into Funcom’s frantic MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) this weekend will have full access to every Bloodline in the game; these are BC’s classes/heroes, each one having their own unique gallery of powers. Currently Bloodline Champions runs on a micro-transaction payment scheme, meaning the core game is completely free, though to unlock additional Bloodlines, avatars, weapons, costumes etc. you will need to dig into your virtual wallet. Those who play for free only have access to a handful of Bloodlines, which rotate week after week which can be somewhat of a nuisance; once you become versed in BC, you will only use two or maybe three, but you will want to make sure you chose the ones that suit your play-style.

The event is running through the entire weekend and will end on May 16th. Funcom and Stunlock are also offering players a chance to bag numerous goodies, including 5000 Bloodcoins, for introducing friends to the game.


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