Deus Ex Site Hacked

A report by the site ‘KrebsOnSecurity’ is claiming that for several hours on Thursday morning the Deus Ex Web site, user forum, and were unreachable due to hacking. All that was displayed was the banner above.


In chatter obtained by the security firm the hackers claim to have information on at least 80,000 Deus Ex users, as well as 9000 resumes from Eidos.

It seems nothing is safe. In unrelated news, you have all won a special prize; please send us your bank account details so that we may verify your identity. This is not a scam*

*Totally a scam

Source: KrebsOnSecurity



  1. Sad little geeks.

  2. Hacked by Ryan? I wonder if that the same Ryan who punked anonymous? Chippy1337 sounds familiar.

  3. GREAT My sort code is 2… HOLD ON A MINUTE!!

  4. ooh prize, let me just get my details.

    wait what’s that? a scam? cheeky beggers, nearly had me.

    i mean, HA, as if i’d fall for that. >_>

    i’m not a big fan of corporal punishment normally, but i would not be upset to see these bloody hackers get an arse kicking.

  5. I have had with these motherfocking hackers,hacking every motherfocking site! At least PSN was not hacked again.:D You have won the lottery, i need your account details so i can stea… i mean transfer the money to your account.:P

  6. Im getting annoyed with these ‘send us your bank details for your big prize’ things. I mean, how many times DO they need to take an admin fee from me to cover there costs. Still, I should be very rich shortly :-)

    • *their

      Sorry, grammar not quite awake this time in the morning!

  7. This is becoming rediculous now, these sad little gits seriously need to get a life and stop making those of others more irritable. Hackers are the Mime artists of the digital world, they serve no purpose but to randomly irritate you, and everyone hates them.

  8. Where do I send my bank details? Is the prize some Cake or is it a Surprise? How exciting!

    • You send it to me and once the details are verified by Anon,you will be the proud owner of a cake.:P*

      *this may or may not be true and may be charged for “admin fees”*

      • Bugger that, I’m not paying admin fees, the cheek!

  9. You’d think everybody would have started upping their security since this PSN thing but then again nothing is 100% safe

  10. Getting really old … no-one likes him, so dont see why he keeps doing it

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