Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Arcade Intro

Location tests for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 have begun in Japan. Katsuhiro Harada, the producer of the Tekken series, has given the community a first look at the current arcade intro. Fans of the first Tekken Tag will immediately recognize the remixed music.

Check out the video below:

Source: SDTekken



  1. Does this not beg the question “Can too many Tekkens spoil the broth ?”.
    With the Street Fighter spin-offs and the rubbish recent titles there seems to be quite a lot of Tekken going about.
    And what’s with that moustache on Heihachi, are Namco Tekken the mick ?

    • The moustache is what you think is strange? Not that all of a sudden he has a full head of hair?

      • Hair transplant is being done by many people these days, especially by guys that have big money and business.

  2. Great video despite the inevitable question of whether it’s a good game.

  3. …and thus arcades in the United Kingdom continue to be poor, I’m surprised Blackpool doesn’t have anything like Tekken. Like everytime (I’m pulled over the sea) to go to …er Pirate themed arcade first.. its always packed.

    Anyways can’t wait for the console versions, hopefully a huge improvement in loading with Tekken 6 and again a strong game for the PSP maybe NGP?

    • That was my worst gripe with Tekken6, unless you set every match two a 3 bout fight, you spent longer waiting for the damn stage to load than actually fighting in it. That and Azazel being a big snooze, hopefully the boss for TT2 will be better and more entertaining. So far I stil prefer T5.

  4. Not bad.

  5. Not bad, could have chosen some better characters to appear in it I think. They mysteriousness around Jun’s reappearance surprises me.

    Glad they remixed the classic theme, hopefully they will do the same with other music as they seem to be including previous fighting grounds too.

  6. Come on tekken bowling

  7. It was like being drunk at a glaam rock concert, it was also a camp fest. I’ll stick to boxing games, i mean, boxing game

  8. This is why i like Japanese games their character faces look nice like in Mass Effect 2 peoples faces looked a bit weird and i know allot of people think they look good but i didn’t really like them like Yvonnes face looks allot better on tv and of course nice remix

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