Marv Wolfman To Create New Trans-Media IP

Any comic book fan worth their salt will recognise the work of prestigious American writer, Marv Wolfman. Most notable for his creation of  Marvel icon Blade, as well as his work on Nova, The New Teen Titans, and The Amazing Spiderman, it has today been announced that Wolfman will partner with Quebec-based Frima Studio (Young Thor, Vector TD) to work on an all-new, cross-media intellectual property.

There have yet to be any concrete details, though it’s very likely we will be seeing at a least a video game and comic book in works sometime in the coming months.

Source: Press Release



  1. sorry to go all nerdy, but it’s spider-man, it should be hyphenated. ^_^

    anyway, this sounds interesting, but these comic creator game projects have a history of ending up as less than stellar games.
    todd mcfarlane did a couple, they weren’t great.
    joe madureira did one, at least i think it was his, and it was pretty bad.

    here’s hoping this can buck that trend.

  2. Great. Will keep a mince pie on this.

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