inFamous 2 Gets EU Date

Shocking news (groan), the EU PS Blog has announced the date of the much anticipated inFamous 2.

The UK, Germany and Ireland will be getting it on June 10th, whereas the rest of EU will be getting it on June 8th.


To celebrate the release two DualShock 3 inFamous 2 bundles will be released – a ‘good’ one with a ‘cosmic blue’ wireless controller, and an ‘evil’ bundle which comes with an exclusive ‘crimson red’ wireless controller.

You can read our impressions with the game here.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Tagline by Jameson (Daily Bugle) Spiderman – brilliant lol.
    8th June, but I’m at Download Festival……
    well 14th June for me then.

  2. I wonder if I’ll have downloaded the first one by then…

    Love the tagline btw.

  3. Finances will be at a premium for quite some time (can’t even get L.A. Noire :'( ) but I’ll get it at some point having loved the first.

    Great idea with the coloured controllers too. If I hadn’t gotten a white one with MLB 11 (and wasn’t saving fastidiously), I’d be sorely tempted.

  4. Same day as the Duke. Sorry Infamous2 its no sale from me

    • no contest in my eyes either

    • why pick a shit game when you can get an awesome game?

      • Matter of opinion, not to mention you can’t really weigh up the games versus one another until they’re both out in the wild.

        Personally I’ll be getting inFamous 2, and I’m not even vaguely fussed by Duke, but I can see why people would prefer Duke over inFamous.

    • The exact opposite for me, plus a friend will get Duke and then it’s swap time 3 weeks later.

    • Will get both games, just not on their release date. It’s Red Faction: Armageddon all the way! :D

  5. I really wish that Sony would quite clearly point to where the various special and hero editions will be made available well in advance. It’s only through hunting around for 20 minutes, and visiting every site I can think of that I can definitively check prices and availability.

    So far I’ve found that Game has the blue Special Edition, whilst Play has the Hero Edition. Not seen the red SE, and now there’s new bundles, where will those pop up? How much? God knows.

  6. Ooh, I’m liking the date here. I should be less busy so I may well pick this up as a bit of brucey bonus. Also, great tagline.

    • I read it as July, frick on a stick. It’ll have to wait a week or two then but i still think i wanna get this :)

  7. I’m a bit pissed at SCEE, because how they handled the Hero edition. Firstly it’s hugely overpriced here in EU, but what’s worse, you actually can’t buy it, if you live outside of UK, because Play doesn’t want to send it outside of the UK.

    And even if you could get Play to send if, you would properly have to wait a long time for it, because they send from Jersey, which means it has to through local customs in the EU countries, which on top of that jacks up the total price to around 150£

    .. Derp Derp Sony.

  8. day one for me.

  9. still not sure if il get this

  10. Day one for me, Special Edition too!

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