PopCap Games Come To Android

PopCap have today continued their mission to release games on every gaming platform ever made by bringing puzzle game Chuzzle to Amazon’s alternative Android marketplace.

“Arrange rows of Chuzzles so at least three colors of Chuzzles match, and watch them pop off the screen, racking up your score,” reads the game’s description. “Color-match the Giant Chuzzles, the Rainbow Chuzzles…” – yeah, basically, it’s like every other match-three puzzle game out there.


If Chuzzle doesn’t take your fancy though, fear not; Android ports of Plants vs Zombies and Peggle have previously been teased, and an Appstore release of Bejewled is likely inevitable given its ongoing war for platform dominance against Angry Birds.

Unfortunately, the Amazon Appstore – an alternative to the Android Market, and where PopCap is choosing to release their games – is currently only available in the US. Inevitably of course, there are workarounds, and if you figure it out you’ll be able to grab Chuzzle for free today only.

Source: Neowin



  1. Peggle! Played it on pc, ipod and PS3 and started playing it again on ipad. Good to know if i ever get an android device i can continue my addiction!

  2. Hey Amazon…

    The UK exists, ta

    However I’ve been playing Jewels & Peggy, who needs Bejeweled & Peggle?

    • Jewels & Peggy are currently on my phone, it still leaves me wanting Peggle though :(

  3. I have been using the Amazon Appstore for a while now thanks to a fake US identity. I only use it to score the free apps but there have been some blinders on there. Chuzzle today was a nice surprise and it really very good. I’ve played it on PC but it works even better on a touch screen.

    I did a blog on how to get round the US only limitation if anyone is interested.

    • thanks

    • 3 Shirts you have played a blinder mate , been wondering about using the US Amazon store for a while . I think i read yesterday that Plants v Zombies would be released free for one day on the amazon store too . Hope so anyway .

  4. Grrrreat.

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