Hunt Dynamically In The New Monster Hunter

Hailed as one of the most successful handheld franchises in the world, Monster Hunter is finally coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Titled Monster Hunter: Dynamic Hunting, the iOS game erodes a number of mechanics from the PSP versions to deliver straight-up one on one clashes with the game’s fearsome roster of creatures, taking cues from Chair’s Infinity Blade.


Making a full-scale port of the actual Monster Hunter would be an almost impossible task and one which wouldn’t do the insanely popular action RPG any justice. The controls have been boiled down, granting basic actions including movement, basic attacks and evasive manoeuvres, whilst still allowing players to use items. Instead of presenting hunters with open environments there is a menu charting the numerous beastly opponents which look to get increasingly tougher as the game progresses. There aren’t any concrete details surrounding character customisation, one of the series’ biggest selling points, though from the footage it appears that crafting materials are rewarded after each battle, so we assume there is an in-game weapon/armour-smith hiding somewhere.

The game is set to launch in June for Japanese App Store customers, and will hopefully become available in other regions fairly soon.

Source: Famitsu



  1. Looks horribly dumbed down.

    Why oh why are we still waiting for a PS3 Monster Hunter???

    • Completely agree. It seems like a no-brainer to me. It would definitely sell… In the East, at least. :P

    • Monster Hunter was one of those games I sank hours and hours into, especially Monster Hunter Tri.

      Capcom have obviously twigged that the MH brand + iDevice market = Big Bucks.

      Call me an optimist, but I suspect that Capcom are gearing up to announce something Monster Hunter and PS3 related at this year’s PS3.

      • I guess you mean “at this year’s E3” ?

      • Doubt they would though, I guess Capcom will be busy with Dragons Dogma and SF X tekken, but yeah I’ve almost lost hope for a Monster hunter on the PS3.

      • I hope you’re right, I want Monster Hunter on PS3 almost as much as ZOE3 and KH3 – which are both games that also should have been released already, or at least confirmed ‘in production’.

  2. Why….. it makes the game look like an 4/10 version of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

  3. Ugh… blatant cash in which will sell millions, Capcom have no shame. New play style? You mean screen mash?
    Agree on the PS3 version being long overdue.

  4. and they say this will replace game console pfft

    • lol I know, its a joke… its all about the the pricing I guess

  5. I have sank 120 hours into Unite – and currently about 60 into portable 3rd the Japanese version.

    Capcom dont know shitz!

  6. I would have hit 300 by now… but the store is down, I deleted it before the downtime. bad timing haha..

  7. Agreed, PS3 version LOOOOOOOOOONG overdue.

  8. Ps3 version….?

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