Naughty Bear Gold Launches

In the States, 505 Games’ Naughty Bear has today been re-shelved as Naughty Bear Gold. Clocking in at 30 bucks (around £18,) Gold includes the full retail game as well as the numerous DLC packs that were launched last year.


Though some UK retailers are listing the game as currently available, others, including Gameplay have Gold pinned down for a November 11th release, creating confusion for gamers in the PAL region.

Even though the masses won’t be up-in-arms, we are convinced that a sadistic minority are eagerly waiting for a 505 response.



  1. November 11th is quite a foolish choice of date.

    I’m sure it has its fans but in my opinion, this was a pretty terrible game and probably remains one.

  2. Oh god.I have heard about how crap this game was. I dread to think what would happen if the Daily mail got their grubby mitts on it.Why November?That has 3 games being released in mere weeks of each other. I don’t care about this game.

    • Modern Warfare 3, Elder Scrolls V, and Uncharted 3. Yeah, somewhere down the line someone hasn’t done their homework.

  3. One of the most intriguing but flawed games I’ve ever played.

  4. Wet 2 gets canceled, but Naughty Bear gets a re-release. Brilliant use of A2M’s games!

  5. Yeah still not buying

  6. I wouldn’t consider this game necessarily bad, just not worth the price. It might be now though… :P

    • I wouldn’t consider this game at all…

  7. I rented this as the concept was kinda fun. Sadly the game was not.

    Shame cos there were some good ideas and some of the stealthy elements and traps were akin to a sort of fluffy Hitman. It’s just a shame it was so clumsy, ugly, claustrophobic and hard to control

  8. They can keep it was really looking forward to this bought it on release and Its the only game I’ve ever sold on! Nit even worth a fiver

  9. I rented. 45 minutes later it was back on the shelf. Seriously this was truly plagued with bugs. I was expecting so much more.

  10. I remember this review: … so naah :)

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