PSN Online Sign-In Goes Down, Password Reset Rumours Surface

We’re getting unverified reports that a way for someone to reset your PSN password apparently given just your PSN email and your date of birth has surfaced – more information here – and the ability to sign in online via the various sites has just been removed.

This does happen on other sites, although generally you tend to get an email confirmation first which you need to click to reset your password. Nyleveia are assuming there’s some tricky URL manipulation going on.


We’re not entirely sure what’s happening, but from the site linked above (which is still updating) it looks like there may be a loop-hole remaining.  Nyleveia suggested PSN users should change their email addresses as well as password, but obviously with the sign-in form currently down this isn’t possible.

It does appear that this only resets your password rather than changes it.

The PlayStationEU Twitter has, in the last few minutes, said that this is maintenence due to ISPs finally sending password reset emails from when the PSN stirred back into life.  The EU forums have official information on the downtime although it doesn’t mention any of the above.

Nyleveia say they’ve contacted Sony.

We must stress that we have no other information on this other than what’s on, and their page has changed a couple of times adding and removing text.

Further reading:, official EU PlayStation forum, NeoGAF.



  1. Fail! Although, My US account was signed up to the ex’s email address and I managed to change that with just her DOB and email address, never really thought about the bad points of how easy that was, just the good points of getting it sorted quickly

    • I would like to add that it sends emails to both addresses to confirm the the password has been changed. The Old email address gets one saying that and the New email address gets one. So keep an eye out

      • LOL, for a second there I though you were checking your Ex’s emails.

      • lol, nah, had a pretty blunt text informing me lol!

  2. To all those na says how say I wrong to worry about my DOB information be out there, this is way. This attack didn’t exist before hand.

    If anything if turn out to be true and not just group trouble making mates then the data DID get out.

    Me happy anyway, change all my accounts e-mail address with PSN anyway. I said it was an issue and turns out I was right, so happy did change the e-mail address as well.

    • Umm… what?

      • Alright type it rather quickly. To any one who said there was no real issue the DOB information this is it. Before the alleged hack on PSN all you would know is my username. After the attack you could know my e-mail and everything else about me.

        It could just turn out some pranking friends are changing friends accounts.

        Anyway I did change my password and after that change all e-mail address associated with my PSN accounts. So even if you knew my e-mail and DOB you could not change my account as the e-mail address has already been changed. Some people were saying changing the e-mail address was overkill and DOB was public knowledge. Sorry it not and it isn’t electoral roll as been able to vote for years and DOB is not on there, the only people with DOB on there are under 18 just so they can managed people who can be allowed to vote. So my DOB is not on a public record.

        PS As said before this site needs a preview/edit options to posts.

      • An attempt at “Has anyone really been far as decided to use even more look like” ?

      • Is this a wind up? What are we talking about? None of any of this makes any sense, its just like gibberish!

  3. Ugh I cannot be arsed to create new emails solely for the PSN. I hope this turns out to be untrue.

  4. What does this mean? :3

    Does this mean a new Gmail account will have to have to made? if so thats pathetic, waste of time…

  5. That doesn’t sound too clever. Seems amazing that the security firms they hired to help didn’t think that may be something of a risk.

  6. for christ sake, I’m changing all passwords on my emails right now. Fed up with this now.

    • Not sure that will help since no verification is currently needed via email to change your PSN password

      • just re-read it, think I misunderstood it lol

  7. Bummer

  8. took two minutes to log in on my ps3 and change my e-mail. thanks for the heads up, even if it does turn out to be nothing to worry about.

  9. Seems to me like they just need to change their security check processes to prevent this. Shouldn’t be a major issue.

  10. Hopefully they will create an update that means you have to accept a verification email to change your password, that way we won’t all have to create new email addresses for each PSN account. You would obviously need to have an email password that you never used for your PSN account.

    Given the time PSN was down for, this hasn’t given me much confidence in Sony’s new state-of-the-art security….or testing!

    • Alright the testing work, there was little hick-up and PSN got little wobbly for moment all in all it work fine.

      I wouldn’t be surprise if the “Early Warning” system sow us Europeans as an attack on system as such started to lock it self down.

    • Not problem psn work doesn’t work problem no. Email change problem no work yes.

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