‘Alan Wake: Night Springs’ Heading To Xbox LIVE?

In a chat with Eurogamer earlier this month, Alan Wake developer ‘Remedy’ commented on the fact that more of the franchise is coming, although it won’t be Alan Wake 2 or DLC for the first game.

XBLAFans are now reporting, from a trusted source, to have seen screens from ‘Alan Wake: Night Springs’, which is said to be an Xbox LIVE title. An official announcement is expected soon.


Are you ready for a bit more Alan?

Source: XBLAFans



  1. Absolutely loved it! Bring it on.

  2. It’s still sitting in my cupboard, waiting to be played :-P

    • And I’m still in my cupboard after playing AW.

  3. Interesting move forward. Now I’m just disappointed I don’t have a 360 anymore.

  4. AlanWake was brilliant and it absolutely nailed the atmosphere. Storyline was decent too, if a little confusing. Will keep an eye on this.

  5. That’s awful. They’re reusing “Night Springs” name now? For some XBLA title? Like they didn’t reuse everything else in the DLC. :S Game is an absolute masterpiece and one of a kind but how they milked it after is pathetic really.

  6. Never met anyone who has praise for the wake. never.

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