Dragon Age III Already In The Pipeline

With Bioware now hailed as the forerunner of Western RPGs, it was hard to imagine that the developer wouldn’t continue its work on the successful Dragon Age franchise. Only a couple of months after the release of Dragon Age II and there is already good confirmation of another sequel thanks to a Tweet from Bioware Senior Director, Alistair McNally:

‘I’m looking for exceptional environment artists to join me at #BioWare Edmonton, Canada to work on #DragonAge3 #gamejobs #jobs #3D #artists’.

It’s likely that Bioware are currently weighing up concepts surrounding Dragon Age III, though we could be wrong; Dragon Age II premièred less than a year after the original game which launched on November 6th 2009.

Source: Twitter



  1. Quelle surprise.

    • Though the more artists the better if it means fewer repeated visits to the same environment. It’s a great game but after 2.5 playthroughs I’ve had enough of wandering around the inside of that brothel/mansion and that cave.

      • I have the same problem, the reused environments really reduce the re-playability of the game, because of them I just get bored too easily!

        They are my major problem with that game (along with the terrible loot system).

        Hopefully they realised that it was a problem and learn from it for number three.

  2. I hope its longer than 20hrs
    For some reason I thought it was 100 hours of gameplay :)

    • Says 18 months in the subtitle to this article ;-)

    • 20 hours? You should try playing the game instead of speed-running it. My two completed DAII playthroughs are around the 60-70 hour mark.

      • I’m about 80hrs into it myself. U must of really stuck to the main missions

  3. Started Dragon Age 2 two evenings ago and I am completely addicted at the moment (think I’ve put in about 6 hours so far). Loving the combat this time around and the ability to just select a quest and fast travel to it really creates that “just one more quest” sensation. Was still playing it at 1am this morning and am definatley suffering for it at work now lol!

  4. Awesome news. Just on my first playthrough of Origins, love it. Serious value for money in terms of gameplay time, especially seeing how cheap the first is with all the DLC chucked in.

    • Yeah It may be cheap now, I however bought the original brand new (40 quid) and EVERY DLC on day of release at release price – lol awakening at 32 quid for instance

      • :O You crazy man. You don’t wanna know how much I payed then, but I’m going to tell you… £17 for the whole lot! Ha! ;-)

      • Glad I managed to hold out on Awakening until it dropped to half price!

  5. it will feature a single room with a single enemy who respawns forever, neither of you will actually move and there will be only one attack, the single player campaign will take at least 12 hours, all of it will consist of tapping the X or A button.
    they will license the fluid engine from the developers of hydrophobia and that will allow the room to slowly fill with blood.

    they will market it as a perfect distillation of the dragon age experience. ^_^

  6. Hey bioware please stop at making games casual friendly I mean DA1 and ME1 was awesome but ME2 and DA2 = GENERIC…

    • Each to their own of course but I personally found the combat in DA1 and ME1 so be very boring and clunky, while ME2 and DA2 are two of my favourite games this generation (though ME2 could have done with a few more RPG elements I will admit)

      • In my opinion the combat in ME1 was much better than in ME2. I liked the weapon cooldown system much more than constantly worrying about ammo. Also, you had a better variety of powers to use in combat which was pretty nice.
        I wouldn’t go as far as kill_zide and call it casual friendly, though. It was simply a different approach whcih some people liked and some didn’t. I couldn’t care less about which combat system the stick with in ME3 because the games are just so great that it doesn’t really matter that much.
        As for Dragon Age – not a fan. Can’t really comment on that.

  7. Dragon Age II kind of split the fanbase from what I heared. A lot of people who loved the first game were really disappointed with the sequel. The Witcher 2 looks like a tough contender in this category.

  8. Loved the 1st game, still not played the 2nd…
    Too many games coming out at the mo, only just catching up with the likes of Enslaved etc…

  9. Loved the 1st, not too happy bout the second but I’m a fan so i’ll get all the dlc anyway

  10. To be honest I thought there was about two days between DA1 and DA2 being relased so im not suprised.

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