Help “A Cloudy Adventure” Hit The Skies

We’re all for helping out indie developers here at TSA, and there’s little more indie than a sole developer trying to get an iPhone game made.

We’d like to draw your attention to a game called A Cloudy Adventure, which is a cute platform / puzzle combo currently in development, with the last part being funded by the cool Kickstarter program.


“A Cloudy Adventure is a game about friends helping friends and triumph over adversity,” says the developer.

“It’s a physics based puzzle game with a high emphasis on finesse and learning the intricacies of the five unique playable characters.”

“A Cloudy Adventure is intended to bring unadulterated joy and happiness to whomever plays it.”

The developer just needs another $100 or so in the next 24 hours (to cover costs of the software licensing and a bit of PR) and promises that for every $5 pledged there’s a copy of the full game.

We know that doesn’t sound like you’re getting a great deal, but potentially the game’s not happening without the cash, so you’re doing some good, too.

A preview video of the game is below:

Of course, you can pledge more (and we’d love a wealthy business man to come along and chuck in $50) but it does look like $5 will make some difference.  At the time of writing 19 people had already done this.

Alternatively, there’s loads of projects on Kickstarter, have a browse and see if there’s something else that tickles your fancy.

This project was brought to our attention by Lee Bradley (who writes for TSA) who is a friend of the developer.  TheSixthAxis has no connection with the project.



  1. If it was $5 to get 1% profits that would be interesting – very dragons den. And the developer gets his $100 and gives up 20% of the profit….

  2. TSA has no connection with the project? Even though one writer knows the dev? Seems slightly strange adding that bit, if you want to push something for a friend of a friend, just say so.

  3. As far as i’m concerned if the dev only needs $100 they can jollywell go out and get a saturday job, wouldn’t take long. Also i’m not too comfortable for the TSA to bring this to our attention because the dev is a friend of a writer of your site, and then t say you have no connection to it because if you didn’t you wouldn’t be promoting it on here.

  4. Why are you guys (commentors) making a big deal out of this? A writer for a gaming website has a friend who makes games. The indie developer needs some help, so the website agrees to bring awareness and ask for donations. Considering that the sites readers would be the target audience, that makes sense.

    “and then t say you have no connection to it because if you didn’t you wouldn’t be promoting it on here.”

    You do realize that that makes no sense right? TSA as a website/comany is not connected to the game or developer. One of it’s writers knows the guy. That’s hardly grounds to say that TSA is connected to the project. That would mean that TSA is connected to every business and game that ones of it’s writers knows someone who works for/on the company/game.

    If you don’t want to donate, then don’t That’s why it called a donation, not a fee.

  5. who cares if TSA are affiliated with the developer or not? They’re just trying to help a guy out and bringing it to the attention of the market of people who are most likely to, his fellow gamers. Frankly you lot above just seem arrogant towards TSA. I’ve donated, whatever happened to decency in people?

  6. Odd one this, I can see both sides. Firstly, if I needed a ton to complete development of a game, I’d save. We’re not talking thousands where you need investment, we’re talking a ton. But I suppose if you don’t ask you don’t get, right? Still, what do we count as being connected? Surely a friend is a connection? I won’t be donating because I never do to anyone that shakes a bucket under my nose, but I’m sure he’ll find a ton from somewhere.

    • “Surely a friend is a connection”

      If you take it to the most basic sense of the word yes.

      From a business point of view, no. Knowing someone at a company does not make you connected to the company.

  7. Why the ultimatum of 24 hours? Is the world going to end tomorrow? I don’t want to sound like an ass, but surely the guy could come up with 100$ on his own. I’d understand it if he asked for donations if the sum was much higher.

  8. I am very happy that TSA is helping the indie devs out. I don’t get why some people are complain about this.Think about,TSA helps this guy out and in return i think they get an exculsive preview.Just because the dev is a mate of a TSA writer doesn’t mean that TSA is offically connected to said dev. I wish the dev good luck.

  9. Xperia playable I would have jumped in.

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