Kojima Tells Square Enix To Remake FFVII

Before you all explode in fit of fan-boy excitement, Hideo Kojima is NOT remaking Final Fantasy VII.

The story is that Hideo, Square Enix producer/artist Tetsuya Nomura, Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada and Metal Gear art director Yoji Shinkawa sat down to have dinner the other night.


Kojima tweeted who he was having dinner with and followers of his Twitter feed asked him to ask Nomura to remake Final Fantasy VII.

Kojima replied to the Tweet, saying ‘I passed it along’.

Was the topic discussed any further? Let’s hope so.

Source: Andriasang



  1. Haha, the Square Enix people’s response was likely something along the lines of: ‘Really? Fans want us to remake FFVII? Never would have guessed that…’ (muchous sarcasm in their voices).

    Nice as it would be, they know it’s something fans want, and I would reckon if they’re going to do, they probably would have started by now (albeit keeping things under wraps).

  2. Looking at Squeenix’s financial reports from the last year this might not be bad advice…

    • Definitely. Reveal plans at E3 or TGS, get the hype train rolling. Then release it and watch the money absolutely pour in. Or they could do a HD upgrade of X. That would also be appreciated!

    • You think they have the millions and time to do that? It would require several BDs, too. The 360 can’t handle that. ;)

  3. When’s he having dinner with the people that made Monster Hunter?…

  4. i’ve always liked that guy. ^_^

  5. Equally, Square Enix could have asked Kojima to HD Metal Gear Solid Trilogy, erm, is that happening anyway?….

  6. He clearly deserves an in-date box of cereal. His choice.

    Personally I feel that spruced-up graphics would lose a little magic in translation but I’d love the chance to find out. Here’s hoping.

  7. Take notice Square. God knows you need to do something to keep FF relevant, even if it is a remake, and this is coming from a huge FF fanboy.

    • Agreed. Personally I wouldn’t even mind if they didn’t go all-out on the graphics to keep the cost/dev time down either, it would still be a ridiculously large upgrade over the original, and it would be the story that would have me playing.

  8. If Kojima does get involved, we have best game of all time material.

  9. I think Square may end up doing a FF7 remake if they keep getting lower profits.Also Mr Kojima,can you please remake MGS?(^-^)

  10. Damn I thought that it was confirmed :(
    This game would be amazing with HD graphics and DECENT voice acting.

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