PlayStation Network Web Sign-in Restored

Quick update on the whole PSN / email / password / hack / not-a-hack-but-an-exploit affair: the web based sign up and sign in is now up and running again.

You can access it here – – although the links from are still down.

Sony say they have fixed the exploit that enabled unauthorised password resets, so presumably that’s everything hunky-dory.


Thanks, Kovacs.


  1. Finally ……. I can now change my password, though it says I need to wait for up to 24 hours for an email to do it :-/

  2. Just removed my real personal information, you can now call me John Smith and I now live with David Cameron.

  3. I would imagine that the website login should be back up today now that they’ve got the exploit sorted out. That’s a handy link to account management though ;)

  4. Fingers crossed its the end of the saga

  5. I scanned over this article on the home page and for a moment thought it said “store sign in restored”, que triste.

  6. Right. Until next week!

  7. I’ve been sourced! And the circle is now complete.

    • Leave the keys at reception on the way out. :-P

  8. A quick question? I have changed password on PSN – can sign in fine, but for some reason cannot sign into sites such as (keeps saying details are incorrect!) I have used both new and old passwords but got nothing

    Anyone know why this is…or is this a phonecall to the land of Sony customer support?

    Many thanks :)

    • Think it’s just a delay…I tried linking my PSN account with the Rockstar Social Club earlier and it didn’t work, however I checked back later and my accounts were linked…I suggest just waiting a while.

      There have been lost of problems with the PSN not being fully back up. Another example…my kills/deaths on MW2 aren’t adding to the leaderboards but are going up in the Barracks. Typically I’ve been going 60-14, 40-7 yet this isn’t counting :(

  9. eventually up after being ‘fixed’ two days ago. unfortunately there’s now this

  10. Am i the only person thats starting to think that this Gen is a turning out to be a bit of a nightmare?.

    Major games released unfinished as they know they can just release a patch afterwards. (This is a particular bugbear of mine, what other industry would get away with that, i work in the car industry and you tell me, if you came in to buy a car from me and i said ‘Not a problem, you can drive it away today, we’ll send the brakes on in three weeks time’ what would you say?).

    A sad time for me man.

    Unreliable hardware (say what you like about the PS vs Xbox failure rates, but the fact of the matter is they have BOTH been failing regularly)

    Various issues with the online services (including lost personal data) provided by both the big players and while i appreciate that this has been the first major problem for PSN its still not bloody good enough.

    And o top it all off we’ve all payed out thousands of pounds over the last four or five years for the pleasure.

    I for one will be thinking long and hard before i dive in to the next gen, and believe me, its with a heavy heart that i say that, ive loved and played game since my mum bought home our first games system when i was a whipper snapper at the start of the 80’s.

    • Yeah i have really started to get pissed of that the games aren’t finished when they come on sale i think it’s better to wait a month or so before buying new games at least that way the biggest game breaking problems might have been fixed from them

      • I agree with the laziness. Black Ops had LOADS of bugs but Activision kept their CoD-per-year release date of November. Fallout New Vegas had loads of bugs, so many that I haven’t bothered starting it yet until I know they’re sorted – AND even the DLC doesn’t work for some people, see the TSA article in the last day or so. Dead Space 2, Gran Turismo….need I go on. I buy games on release (usually for the free DLC/pre-order bonuses) then don’t play them for a month until major bugs are patched…it’s not on really.

        And albeit usually very small, the patches take up space on our Hard Drives, which is another cost to us to upgrade. Sure I can delete them, but perhaps the problems shouldn’t be there when released.

    • I appreciate companies such as Activision have share holders to keep happy, Im not naieve enough to think theyre in it for the love, but at the expense of the conusumers that are giving them these vast vast profits?

      Not cool baby.

    • I agree, it’s all a lot more tedious than it should be.

      I never accounted any problems with BlOps, but I know some people did, but the number of games that release when they aren’t right, or plain & simple dangerous for your console’s well-being – like LA Noire’s faults for example.

      the reliability of consoles does appear to be lower than that of PCs and other consumer electronic items

      and yes the cost over time is frightening – My buying habits have changed now forever. I will never buy the first SKU of a console ever again, I will always wait for a 2nd SKU which will be cheaper, better made, have more features and obviously a greater choice of games will be available. I can see no reason other than being carried away with things for me to buy a console on launch day again, this goes for home & mobile consoles such as the 3DS & NGP where I’ll be making my mind up when the 3DSi & the NGP-2000 are on the shelves

      • More annoyingly about the hand-helds (PSP and DS) is that the keen, loyal buyers who buy on release get the worst versions. I forget how many times my PSP was superseded by one with a mic, camera, brighter screen. And the DS gets an upgrade every other month!

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