PlayStation Network Web Sign-in Restored

Quick update on the whole PSN / email / password / hack / not-a-hack-but-an-exploit affair: the web based sign up and sign in is now up and running again.

You can access it here – – although the links from are still down.

Sony say they have fixed the exploit that enabled unauthorised password resets, so presumably that’s everything hunky-dory.


Thanks, Kovacs.


  1. I think the golden age of console gaming ended with the start of the current gen. The days where you could just go into a shop, buy a game off the shelf, put it straight into your console and play it are gone.

    Having said that there have been a few shining lights this gen though such as Demon’s Souls and (for me) Red Dead Redemption.

  2. I still can’t log-in to the US PlayStation Blog via the PS3’s browser, but this is actually a separate issue to the PSN outage and password reset.

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