Sonic Generations Looking Lovely

A video has hit Youtube of Sonic Generations’ first level, a faithful (but gorgeous) remake of the first game’s Green Hill Zone.

It’s from Gametrailers, and features SEGA’s Patrick Riley doing a fine job of talking us through the level.

The loading time is a bit lengthy, but once it’s done you have to admit: this is looking fantastic – everything’s present and correct and even the physics look spot on.

This could be a proper return to form.


  1. What Sonic 4 could have been

  2. Wow this actually looks really good, I’m glad they’ve totally stripped it back which is what they should have done for Sonic 4. Cautiously optimistic with this!

    • Totally agree with you, from the look of this it has real potential.

      • its the music that made me chuffed, old school. i think ill get this. sonic 4 was okay, but this does look a little better

  3. Looking good! :)
    I would love a remake of Superfrog like this!

  4. just a remake….Can’t they make a new good sonic game?

    • “We realized that we ran out of ideas, which you can see by looking at our newer Sonic games. They sucked so we’re now focusing on rereleasing old Sonic games and hope that the core Sonic fans buy them out of pure nostalgia.”*

      *Not an actual SEGA comment…

    • You can’t blame them though can you? New Sonic games have hardly been blockbusters.

  5. So, it’ll the be only half a the return to form we were expecting because the “new” Sonic sections will be pap as per usual.

    • Yes, I was thinking this too. It’s like Sega are keeping themselves from creating the Sonic game the fans want. They know what we want, and this is nearly there, but the modern Sonic is going to ruin it.

      • Sonic 4 was almost it, but for me the homing attack made some sections of the game impossible.

      • Also the Sonic 4 had a different jump to the original Sonic. You didn’t continue in the direction you jumped. If you let go of a direction you’d drop perfectly. That isn’t Sonic.

      • Sonic Colours anyone? One of my favorite Wii games.

  6. Actually looks cool, the camera changes are pretty cool too!

  7. What about ep.2 of Sonic 4??

  8. Looking good, i agree, yet again we get the same levels, would like to see newer levels

  9. No homing attack.
    I’m interested again!

  10. It actually isn’t a remake, the level is brand newas stated in the video, just in the style of the original.

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