F.E.A.R. 3 Multiplayer Trailer

A new trailer for the multiplayer portion of F.3.A.R. has arrived showcasing the ‘Soul King’ mode. Look, there it is just below this text, how very convenient. In fact, let’s just stop and consider how the Internet makes an endless number of tasks convenient.

Obviously you have great games news and features at your fingertips thanks to TSA. You can also use Twitter to talk to your chums without having to bother with a pesky ‘phone call.  Feeling peckish? Order a pizza online or get a supermarket to deliver your weekly shop to your door.



If you are in need of entertainment there are countless sites that will supply tunes, a film or perhaps filth-laden podcast is more to your tastes. Catch up on last night’s Eastenders via BBC iPlayer, while away ten minutes with an entertaining Flash game or stalk your ex on Facebook.

The possibilities are endless and thanks to the Internet, they are but a few clicks away.

Let’s just take a moment and give thanks for the Internet. If it wasn’t so damn useful I would have not have been able to pad out this news item and may have had to write about the F.3.A.R. trailer – I really don’t want to do that as all I can think is ‘have they uploaded a PS2 version by mistake?’

Source: YouTube



  1. Alright, very funny. Go on, show us the real trailer. The one made after 2004.

    • Are we in a time-warp or what? That wasn’t impressive was it but if the story holds up, I’ll happily play through the game.

      • Maybe have a few drinks beforehand, might be prettier with beer goggles on.

      • Isn’t everything? I have to admit, as far as videogames are concerned, beer goggles tend to lend an element of pixelation to proceedings. And I love it.

  2. Flawless article Tuffcub, bar one thing……Eastenders isn’t aired on a Sunday night. ; )
    The game looks very poor at best.

  3. isn’t the soul king james brown?

  4. FEAR games have been great in the past imo.

  5. This is not a pretty game. That’s all I can say from this video.

  6. That’s odd, I just finished playing through fear 2 yesterday, sent it back to lovefilm today. Have to say I really enjoyed the story. Fear 3 already added to lovefilm list, though by the looks of this I don’t think I’ll even touch the no side of things, as I didn’t with fear 2.

    • Mp not no* stupid autocorrect!

  7. I thought this was meant to be a scary game? this looks kinda boring..

  8. So many great games on the way, i’m not sure i’ll have time for this. Fear 2 wasn’t bad though and had a couple of good scares so i might pick up 3 later on.

  9. I really didn’t enjoy fear 1 after I realised that during the “scary” bits you can run around, jump like a loon or do whatever you want and you won’t get hurt…removed all suspense for me and I stopped playing shortly after.

  10. Cruddy visuals aside, where FEAR excels is its great storyline and awesome scares. For me the first two definately delivered on this front and the addition of co-op, etc should make this a pretty enjoyable 3rd part to the series.

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