What’s Up With Kojima?

Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear Solid series, has tweeted twice this morning, both seem like desperately sad expressions.

The first?



“The thing that I spent one year delicately preparing became meaningless.”

And then the second:


“I can’t take it anymore (this is unbearable), I can’t say positive.”

Nobody yet knows what the tweets are referring to, but they really don’t sound good.

Rumours are surfacing that it might be related to Peace Walker – was a PS3 version planned which has been ruined by Sony’s announcement of upscaled PSP games?

It could also be linked to the Sudo51/Kojima collaboration, or even Snake Eater 3DS…

Translations from GAF.



  1. rising is taking forever as well.

  2. That’s what you get for taking ages to push something forward that people have been asking for.*
    Wait too long and someone else will beat you to it or it will get canned.

    *Only applies if the PSP to PS3 port thing is meant.

  3. Domino’s . he was going for the world record, has taken over a year to set them all up and then some fecking great earthquake ruined everything.

  4. It’s been a year since Peace Walker released, I guess Konami shot down his latest project.

  5. I hope Mr. Kojima isn’t into some trouble! I was hoping for him to announce awesome games at E3 this year!

  6. I’m hoping it’s just Hideo using Twitter to get everyone talking about him rather than a true reflection of how he is feeling.

    He seems to invest so much of himself into his projects it would be a real shame if there has been a disaster. If it is for real I think it’s much more likely to be the upscaling announcement.

  7. MGS4 Trophy Patch – Ongoing lack of PSN means he can’t roll it out. Obviously.

    (But seriously – I’d like to think these tweets are about a planned announcement of a Peace Walker port, which has now been overshadowed by the news of PSP upscaling, rather than anything more serious.)

    • the second tweet is probably more appropriate for an MGS4 tropgy patch. Can’t take the constant nagging. He should just come out and say, fuck off, your not having it!

  8. Whatever hes been working on as…..

    – 1 Could be cancelled
    – 2 The ideas where scraped and not starting anew
    – 3 Don’t sure if it could be the upscaled PSP games, although I doubt that would be it

    Cancelled… would be a shame, could’ve been unannounced and the game might have been a sequel :/

  9. Might have something to do with the PS3 version of Peace Walker leaking.


  10. Metal gear 5. Woop woop.woop.

    • Metal Gear Solid 3 has been out for ages…
      (That’s MG5, if you don’t count the spin-offs)

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