Arcana Heart 3 Fan’s Edition Is Disturbing

Special editions have been getting really weird as of late. Just when you thought that nobody could top the limited edition of Catherine, Zen United reveals the Arcana Heart 3 fan’s edition.

At first glance it’s pretty standard stuff. There’s a copy of the game, a 144 page art book, the official soundtrack, and 12 character cards. Zen United decided to go a step further and included… a mousemat. This isn’t your ordinary mousemat. Why would anyone want that? This one features Arcana Heart’s Mei-Fang (who vaguely resembles Chun-Li) and promises to soothe aches and pains away with its revolutionary “luxury wrist pillows.” Check out the image below to see what we mean…

It’s hilarious that the Super 3D Boobie Mousemat is clearly the main reason why you should buy this. All of the other items are merely additional bullet-points. I find that disturbing.

Arcana Heart 3 makes its way to Europe on June 30th for the Xbox 360 and PS3. You can pre-order the Suggoi Oppai Fan’s Edition for £49.99. Last month, the game was released exclusively for the PSN in North America right before the network was breached. You can expect a full review sometime after the PlayStation Store is fully operational.

Source: AH3 Facebook Page


  1. LOL, super boobie 3D mousemat! haha

  2. This is the breast thing I’ve seen all day

    • … LOL you beat me to it.

    • you just had to get that joke off your chest right? ^_^

    • I’ve been racking my brains for a decent reply, but this jugs isn’ tit.

    • Dat rack…….

    • When life gives you melons, you make mousepads?

    • Thanks for keeping us abreast of the situation Delraich

  3. Wonder if the reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise will do the same…..

    • Likely the bottom, its 50/50

  4. day-one ;)

  5. I can’t stop laughing.
    So, what’s next?

    • Not sure, but if the collectors edition of the next Donkey Kong game doesn’t come with my very own monkey it will be a rental for me.

    • Body pillows…?

  6. I already have a Kanokon Mousepad like that :) Anyways, i’m gonna preorder it :D

  7. That’s brilliant! I’d buy this collectors edition just for that mouse pad and throw out the rest! :)

  8. how is this so weird?
    these kind of mouse pads have exsisted for ages…
    althought the idea stays funny :3

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