Bloodrayne: Betrayal Trailer Shows Side-Scrolling Smackdown

The previous Bloodrayne games, the ones set in the 3D environments, never really captured the imaginations of gamers.

Perhaps that’s why the developers decided to switch to a side-scroller with the latest in the franchise, titled ‘Betrayal’.


Whatever the reason, there’s no denying it looks good, with some extremely fluid animation. I’m already 100 times more interested in this than its predecessor.

Check out the trailer here.

Source: YouTube



  1. I’m a pretty decent gamer, but these games just ruin me, can not grasp them at all.

    Me + Sidescroller = Frustration + Death

  2. Personally I loved the 3D Bloodrayne games but this side scroller looks great too. Definatley a buy for me :)

    • Me too – Didn’t complete many games back in the days of PS2 (too fickle i guess!), but i did complete both bloodraynes.

      Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t the best games ever made, but i found them most entertaining.

      Not sure about a 2d version tbh.

      • Definately not the greatest games but they were so bloody and violent they held my attention :D
        I would prefer another 3d game but if this 2d title proves successful, maybe that will be enough to convince the devs to try another 3d title :)

  3. The best as always been from Legacy of Kain… Why can’t they make a 3-D action game with vampires?

    Surely all Bloodrayne needs is better level designers, a good story and great gameplay, 2-D just sounds so lazy. Maybe I’ll have a different view once I can watch the freakin video >.<…!

    • A new Legacy of Kain game would be nice and they should make more vampire games and not something where you hunt vampires but you are a vampire

  4. I like the 2d format for it, but it looks as jerky and unsmooth as its 3d predecessors.
    If it ends up as smooth and crisp as Shank, for instance, it could be a real winner in my book

  5. Looks nice. I love 2D scrollers. Give me my SoR 4!

  6. Is this made by the people who made Shank? If not, then those guys really need to get in touch with a lawyer…

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