Raptr Launches Major New Features

Many of you will have heard of the website ‘raptr.com. The overall company mission was to “help people get more out of their games”, and by creating an account with them you could track stats, compare achievements and track friends (no, not in the creepy way).


Today sees the launch of a brand new set of features for raptr, as they branch off into gaming news.  This open beta means an account holder can now ‘follow’ games they are interested in, and automatically have news regarding that game posted to a ‘news feed’ section of their homepage.

“Where does the news come from?” I hear you ask. Well that’s where sites like TSA come in. Any user can copy the URL of a story they like and paste it into a handy ‘submit a link’ box on your raptr homepage. After you tag the story the link will then be uploaded to raptr. For example, this morning’s news on the Portal 2 soundtrack has been uploaded with a ‘Portal 2’ tag, so now anyone on raptr who is following Portal 2 can see the news.

The community can then vote up or down these stories, with the top voted being more prevalent. You can also leave comments on various stories. Think of it as Facebook meets N4G meets Reddit, but with all the regular raptr features.

Dennis Fong, CEO of Raptr had the following to say:

“We’re excited by the launch of this new community-driven website because it builds upon the success of our existing service and provides a new way to discover and share content.”

TSA has been lucky enough to gain access to the beta, and it’s quite an interesting development bearing in mind the many millions of users raptr has. TSA also has a raptr page which you can follow, although it’s a bit barren at the moment until we get to grips with the new features.

So, when you log in and notice a whole load of new features, at least you now know what’s going on.




  1. But will it actually happen this time.

    Oh, I thought it said Rapture :)

    • Is it october yet? I heared they rescheduled…

  2. Oh I quite like this. More accessible to the average person than N4G (although of course, not this isnt on the same scale) as you dont have to mess around earning things.

  3. I read this as ‘Rapture launches major new features’ I was thinking along the lines of lasers and water features instead of fire and brimstone with a heavy metal Jesus. But then the reality of the situation his me.

  4. sounds good. I did use raptr but the client on my pc never wants to work and i always forget to update it when I play my ps3. Actual system integration would be nice as its more of a spead sheet idea at the moment where you just put in values. It all depends on the developers of the systems I guess.

  5. Maybe they need to sort the PSN trophie tracking out 1st.

  6. I would use it more often if it had better integration with PSN. Judging by twitter, it seems to automatically update with whatever you’re doing on XBL, yet there’s nothing for PSN.

  7. I’ve just signed up with it for a look. Trophy tracking seems to work, but I imagine it’s slow to update new trophies. The problem I have with it is that nobody I know seems to be using it. That’s the kiss of death for any “social network” type thing/website.

  8. Count me in TSA ;-)

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