Resistance 3 Dated For Europe, Special Editions Detailed

Insomniac has announced the European release dates for Resistance 3. The UK and Ireland will be getting the game on September 9th, with “the rest of PAL” getting it on September 7th.

There will also be pre-order content, depending on where you get the game from:


SRPA Black Ops skin

Once a common sight in the war against the Chimera, this special SRPA Black Ops multiplayer skin lets you return to the battlefield as one of the most mysterious and deadly soldiers from Resistance 2 andResistance: Fall of Man.

Infected Nathan Hale skin

By skipping his viral inhibitor treatment throughout Resistance 2, Nathan Hale fell victim to the deadly Chimera virus. Now you can resurrect the fallen hero with this special multiplayer character skin.

Air Fuel grenade

Equip Joseph Capelli with an explosive advantage as he embarks on his journey across America. This exclusive grenade releases a cloud of highly flammable vapour, creating a huge blast when ignited – perfect for taking out hordes of Chimera in tight urban spaces

Special multiplayer title: “Sentinel”

Pledge your allegiance to the elite unit of the SRPA – the Sentinels – with this multiplayer title, exclusive to pre-order customers.

Multiplayer booster

Get an early advantage on the multiplayer battlefield by starting the fight at level 5 – and gain access to a range of character and weapon customisation options.

Chimera tooth necklace

Show your support for the resistance by wearing Joseph Capelli’s Chimera tooth necklace.”

Next up is the R3 Special Edition whiche comes in a steelbook case, packed with a voucher code for all of the pre-order items listed above.

Then there is the super-dooper Survivor Edition, which comes with:

“Canvas satchel

Capelli’s rugged and reliable satchel, ideal for long journeys across the ravaged American landscape.

Chimera firing range target

Know your enemy; perfect your aim or take out your frustrations on this life-size Chimera target poster.

“Fight for Freedom” toy soldiers

Play out the battle on a small scale with these toy soldiers depicting Joseph Capelli and Chimera fighters.

Joseph Capelli’s Journal

Read Capelli’s notes on the journey ahead of him, the enemies he’ll face and the weapons he’ll use – and start writing your own story as you fight the Chimera.

SRPA hip flask

Keep the cold at bay or give yourself the courage to fight on with this standard issue SRPA soldier’s hip flask.

SRPA playing cards

Pass the time between battles with this deck of SRPA soldier’s playing cards.”

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Still loving the look of the game cover, and the special-est edition has a nice selection of nicknacks. Most likely just the steelbook for me though…

  2. That special edition will be mine!!!!!!!!!!!

    They should have had that red colours on the normal box art too.Looks much better with that!!!

  3. That is just amazing. I love steelbook cases, but everything from the unlockables, the extra stuff and the vinyl like Blu-Ray disc is going to look amazing.

    • I don’t like steelbooks. They stand out too much from the rest of my collection and are too thick for my liking (and shelf!). I always end up throwing them away.

      I’ll be going for the normal special edition probs :)

      • The Special Edition also has steelbook case.

      • I’m with Pesico, steelbooks are awesome. All PS3 games should have to have a special edition that comes in one.

        Definitely the steelbook edition for me.

  4. Multiplayer booster? urgh

    • Level 5? It might help unexperienced players a little and quite frankly, the average FPS gamer will probably reach level 5 within the first few hours, so no big deal. It’s not like some racing game where you could buy an unlock code and race with the fastest cars against other people from day one. ;)

  5. Meh. Can’t get interested in this. Loved the first, hated the second. Neither the (supposedly) amazing cover art not the various editions have done anything to increase my enthusiasm.

  6. Think all three look great, but price will be a huge factor in weather I get any of them. Also glad to see something useable in a special edition, instead of a weird helghan head or ‘boobie mousemat’ which was just plain scary..

  7. wow great package but i bet that wont come at a reasonable price :P i think it will just be the game for me…if that :P

  8. Special edition it is then.

  9. Come on Resistance.

  10. I’ll just buy the normal game, thanks. Special editions are pretty much cheap tat anyway.

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