Syndicate Remake Script Leaked

I’ve just been cleaning out the ‘worst kept secrets’ filing cabinet at TSA towers: Starhawk and Hitman have been removed, which is fortunate, as we’re going to need the space for Syndicate.

Rumours of a remake of the classic Amiga title have been surfacing since 2009 when a devilishy handsome TSA reader sent in a tip. Developers Starbreeze are attached to the project (probably why they are not working on The Darkness II) and Siliconera have uncovered the script for a portion of the game.

To avoid spoilers we won’t be publishing the script but the story seems close to that of the original game. Set in the near future a chip called ‘Dart’ can be used to alter memories. Two companies, EuroCorp and Gulf, are fighting over uranium prices and a resistance group that includes a hacker called ‘Logos’ are fighting the big corporations.

The script seems to indicate that you start the game – in a cutscene at least – as a child called Miles.

Source: Siliconera



  1. I don’t want to look but at least with a script done, it’s not far away.

  2. Interesting news…….i look forward to hearing more about a possible PS3 version.

  3. Having looked at the script excerpt, I can’t say whether I’m excited… Having loved Syndicate on the Amiga, then been disappointed by Syndicate Wars on PlayStation(mostly just from control issues), I’m hoping it’s going to surpass the experience of the original given the hardware that it will be running on these days. And who knows what style of game it will turn out to be…
    (pause while I download WinUAE and check out the Amiga version ‘for old time’s sake’)
    … Actually, having just played the first mission again, for the first time since 1990something… Whatever they do with it, at least it will probably LOOK like a game that we’re used to playing… I think I’m in shock- not having got an Amiga emulator to work on my PC before I’d forgotten what games used to look like… (I’m afraid to search out ‘Simulacra’with it’s filled 3D which I used to be impressed with running on my Amiga 3000)…
    Having said that, and rushing to express my pointless opinion before I have to pick up my son from school, the FEEL and EXCITEMENT of Syndicate are what obviously made it so much fun to play (plus the more advanced weapons like the Gauss gun!)- having just played the first mission, forgetting to use the persuadertron to recruit people, instead shamelessly blowing them away with shotguns, I’m hooked again…
    So even if they mess it up- it doesn’t matter any more…

  4. Interesting… I played the first one on my Amiga and the second on my first PC. I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do with todays tech. I have many happy memories playing two player with my Brother in Syndiate Wars. Graviton Guns = Overkill

  5. Preferred Syndicate Wars myself. Also, a new Dungeon Keeper would be nice !

  6. Missed it first time round.

  7. Syndicate reminds me of good times in ’93, sat playing on a m8’s Amiga Listening to ’93 Till Infinity by Souls of Mischief.

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