First Official FIFA 12 Trailer Launches

After the somewhat ‘unofficial’ leak comes this proper, EA endorsed trailer for one of the industry’s most reliable franchises.


Lots of quotes and slow motion stuff, but yeah – it’s looking great.

Source: Mediakick, via IGN.



  1. Looks stunning, PES has its work cut out!

    • Much like the last couple of editions ahaha

  2. I’m loving it. Im very excited about the new tackiling features, but i cant help but think that online is just going to be full of nob’s trying to foul you in the best way they can, at ;east in the early days anyway

  3. Looks gooooood!

  4. C’mon don’t kid us around and show us Fifa 11 again…….wait was that really fifa 12? :L

    No change at all, and tbh it looks like they are promoting diving, most of the players fell on the floor unnecessarily then :S

    • No change at all?

      Have you played FIFA 11? It is a HUGE improvement.

    • You joking me, surely??.
      There is a brand new physics engine in there, players bodies react instinctively to the each specific foul committed on them.
      Seems to me your just re-hashing a generic complaint about FIFA, without having played the game in the past year at least

      • they havnt changed anything from Fifa 10 to Fifa 11, i’ve bought every single Fifa game since 2002 so i am a loyal fifa fan. It seems nothing is changing though, can’t see any difference. And the lag on the game is worrying, my game stops for even 20 seconds sometimes playing offline, awful.
        This virtual pro thing is crap, be in a pro has lost it, be a goalkeeper is boring, they have got rid of create a team, the manager mode is full of glitches, im also a full qualified ref and some of the decsisions they give on fifa are baffling, offsides when your blatently onside, or a red card for getting the ball with a brilliant challenge. Its just very frustrating and its lost the fun for me, they need to sort it out

      • @Origami Killer – You say that nothing has changed then go on to list a bunch of news features from FIFA 10 to 11. The offline lag must be a problem with your disc or console and nothing to do with the game.

      • I had the same thing, its just a frame skip or something but tats rare… defo not lag

      • “offline lag” is a problem with the HDD in PS3 slims… FIFA reads/writes to the HDD in a specific way which the drives in the new(ish) slims can’t handle properly, hence it freezes for about 3 seconds at a time. swapping your HDD out for a western digital (or using a fat ps3) will solve this issue…

        theres a whole post on the EA forums by some guy that has tested it and proved it.

      • be a pro has been there since 09 though (virtual pro is exactly the same basically), be a keeper isnt really a big change :p I have this frame rate skip in every game i have played, happens at least twice every game, bought the game brand new and got a 320gb slim, doubt it’s anything to do with me :P
        Don’t get me wrong i do like Fifa, but too many flaws and they need a breakthrough tbh, and i’m just prolonging buying it now everytime it comes out

      • change my 320gb HDD for fifa? no thanks :L

        thats shocking development tbh

      • i agree, EA’s QA testing has always been shit though tbh.

  5. From what is shown it does look good. Although the way I play footy games with the camera far out, you wont see much of that detail.

  6. The collission tech looks really good and if it’s half as big an improvement that 11 was to 10 then it’ll be awesome.

    • I agree, I don’t think some people appreciate the upgrade from 10 to 11. FIFA 11, in my point of view, has been the first game to overcome the problem of speed being the best ability – strength can now match speed making for more balanced matches.

  7. Not into footy games but it does look good.

  8. Collisions look really nice, but sadly, this is not Burnout so it’s just a “nice to have” feature. It’s the other 90% of the game that make the difference.

  9. its not just tackles though is it… notice when jumping for balls and running your player also reacts dynamically. this should change gameplay for the better, although i reckon it will still mean slow, strong defenders will still beat fast, skillful players to the ball 100% of the time.

    • when you say strong slow defenders beat fast players to the ball, THIS NEEDS TO BE SORTED OUT, ive had puyol out run ronaldo and ferdinand out run lennon!!!!! you know when it’s time to switch your ps3 off when that happens

      • Puyol/Ronaldo was exactly what i was thinking!

  10. Improving the impact engine and tackles is a great improvement but if they don’t sort out the card system then whats the point. The amount of times I see people get bookings for straight red card challenges is beyond ridiculous.

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