PSN Maintenanc​e Incoming

The PSN will be down for maintenance on Tuesday 31st May at 19.00 GMT until Wednesday 1st June 01.00 GMT.

During this time the following will not be available:

  • PC Registration
  • Console Storefront
  • PS3 Account Management
  • PS3 Network Account Registration
  • PSP Network Account Registration
  • Qriocity Account Management

If you are signed in before this time you should stay connected and you will not lose your gaming session. Dare we mention the return of the PlayStation Store?

Source: OPC



  1. If you don’t, I will :P

    Store is definitely coming up following this maintenance!! :D

    • I hope your willing to stand by those words. Govenor :)


      *dragon fist!!!!!

      Damn.. I miss Tenkaichi :(

    • Dont be silly everyone knows they are implementing cross gamer chat after the maintenance…

    • Don’t jinx it!

  2. sounds like a possibility. cant wait for the return of the store. it’s been a long road

  3. Definately the Store, should also be BST not GMT.

    • Yeah, is it 7-1 GMT (which is 8-2 BST), or is it actually 7-1 BST?

  4. At least I stand a chance of getting logged in beforehand this time

  5. I hate to sound negative but I really hope the Store doesn’t crash – if Black Ops DLC made it crash or not work for some users, then surely a large percentage of PSN users trying to download free games after a long period of Store down-time, is going to cause problems?

    • In order to counter this, i’m hoping for a region by region, maintenance window.

  6. Can’t wait to get hold of the inevitable plethora of PS+ content and the free games

  7. Surely the fact they’ve gone to the point of saying the “Console Storefront” will be down during the maintenance strongly implies it’ll be back up afterwards?

    • Actually in their latest maintenance, they did also write the store would be down :P

      • Kind of reveals I’ve stopped paying much attention to all the ‘PSN down’ notices doesn’t it. :-)

  8. Has anyone noticed since tues new ‘ads’ are on the xmbs game store link, it hasoutland and such that came on 360 during downtime

  9. We’ve been disapointed by maintenance before. Whether teh store comes up or not I don’t really mind but the amount of times they are taking the PSN down is getting ridiculous. I only hope that it is the store to stop this repeated irritance.
    Did I mention I don’t like maintenance?

  10. On a separate note has anyone noticed the issues with XBL and Windows Live lately? There was the store going down a while back, they made a press release and we had to install a mondo update. Then this morning I was forced to change my password for my Windows Live account (first time they’ve forced me to do this since I opened my hotmail account back in the 90s).
    I have a sinking suspicion that MS has been hacked and they’re saying nada!

    • Big companies get their ports probed all the time… I’d be pretty sure Hotmail, Google, Microsoft & many others receives attempts everyday. Companies like that will be able too filter out attacks, block IPs and generally have flags thrown up for their systems &/or people to react.

      • Eeerm I may be wrong but everything you mentioned speak more to preventative measures to stop network intrusions. If they were able to intercept an attack and block IPs before the network was actually intruded then there’d be no need to get people to update and change passwords. That tells me that this was more than a simple “hack attempt” and most likely a real network intrusion. How serious it is and whether MS is able to stop them and kick them out before they do any major damage remains to be seen. Also, whether the company is responsible to own up to being hacked even if nothing was taken or no damage caused also remains to be seen. I’m curious however, if this truly is a serious intrusion of MS’ network, in light of Sony’s woes, how will they handle it? Again, it remains to be seen…

      • If customer details are compromised I believe the companies are compelled by law to tell you, that’s certainly the case when financial details are taken as Sony suspected initially even though it later turned out they weren’t.

        Once Sony realised (which was slow IMO) they were attacked they turned the network off quickly and got an external company in to trace what exactly was breached. If there was a textbook for Sony to follow it appears they followed it to the letter (initially after the attack) even if in the weeks that followed their customer service updates were lacking in either content or promptness.

        Sony did a lot right after the attack and if other companies suffer a similar breach I can only hope they let us know as Sony did.

        With regards to your situation I have a couple of dormant Hotmail accounts as well as an unused XBL account & my mrs has a Hotmail & a Live account and in those 5 accounts we haven’t had a password reset.

      • @cc_star – I’m not entirely sure that it’s law yet, I think it’s in the process of becoming the law. And even then there’s a grey area of when you have to tell people.

    • If they were hacked I would say they are making a big mistake trying to cover it up, but if anyone is capable of a good cover up besides the government its microsoft.

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