PS Vita The New Name For NGP?

How to attract attention: claim that you know something about new PlayStation hardware that nobody else does.  Case in point:, who have posted up a story suggesting the NGP is going to be called PS Vita.

“Today we received some new, and exclusive, information from an anonymous source,” says the site boldly, which appears to have been going for a little while now. “The official name of the NGP!”


“Rumor has it that the new Sony handheld will bear the name PS Vita. Vita is Latin/Italian for ‘life’. Does Sony hope to bring life back into their stock? Do they want to rejuvenate the PSP? Revitalize your needs for portable gaming?”

“Our source tells us that this will be the definite and final name of the new system Sony will bring out at the end of 2011.”

There some images that Gamespundit claim back up their source, although the page is filled with disclaimers – it’s branded a rumour and we’re asked to take all of the above with a grain of salt, so it’s not clear what’s going on.

It’s an interesting claim though, but we seem to remember hearing that the system had similar a codename before it was called the NGP – so whether Sony have reverted back to that with a spelling tweak, or someone’s got confused we’re not sure.

It’s almost certainly going to be named at E3 though, one way or another.

Roll on next week…



  1. cool if true,but lets wait for the E3 reveal for the official name and final specs.

  2. Dont like it..doesnt sound like a console name but like following a diet..

  3. I’m not sure about the name either, but psv could work. Maybe it’s an acronym like

  4. whats wrong with PSP2?

    • Nothing i’d say, although if they have put their Microsoft hats on they wouldn’t want a 3ds competing with a psp2, because to a consumer a 3 sounds better than 2 because it’s a larger number. Like how the 360 isn’t called the xbox 2, and has a 3 in it.

      • The PSP brand is dead.

      • @ nofi

        Your comment is ignorant. There’s still games coming out for PSP isn’t there? and people still buy them, especially in Japan.

      • Whoaaaaaaaaaa it is, kind of thanks to hacking but in teh Japans it quite healthy but still Europeans and the Americans are still going to buy the worst games thus killing there chance of playing the best games of the RPG genre.

        Sad fate….

      • I think these kinds of tactics are as stupid as they can get. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that actually think that way which just makes me lose faith in humanity…

      • @nofi

        Weekly Japan hardware(last week)sales (previous week)
        PSP: 30,528 (34,826)
        3DS: 17,240 (18,324)
        PS3: 12,935 (13,789)
        DS: 10,272 (10,858)
        Wii: 6,269 (6,336)
        360: 2,186 (2,763)
        PS2: 1,129 (1,319)

        It don’t look like the PSP brand is dead does it?

      • Ask Sony, they’re the ones abandoning the name. And the console.

      • @reality Check i think Piracy pretty much destroyed the platform which in turn may have driven away a load of deveopers and publishers. The PSP brand is dead or very close to it. There are hardly any new releases for it.I think Sony saw the PSP’s sales and have decided to focus on the PSP 2(NGP) and are trying their best to ressurect the PSP brand. Also i think the DS may have had something to do with it.;0)

      • Stealthy troll there by nofi of all people. :)
        PSP Brand is soon to die, if Sony leave PSP out of the title of the NGP.
        65 million+ sales show that the PSP was a success, despite the rampant piracy, even if it never reached the heights of the DS.

        It’s strange seeing Sony move away from their arbitrary naming system, but it’s similar to both Nintendo and Microsoft. Someone in marketing has decided that naming is an important factor, and they could well run with it.
        I couldn’t care less about the name PS Vita, it sounds ok, but more importantly, PSV.
        Pretty much rolls off the tongue, and sounds instantly familiar.
        Remember, the PSP was PlayStation Portable, but nobody ever called it that.

      • @ the lone steven by them numbers seems very alive to me.

  5. It’s probably just me, but I’m used to the name ‘NGP’

    • No I’m the same and in a way quite like NGP as a name. But, I was also used to Project Natal and Arc for the PS Move. Case in point, we’ll all grow on the new name after a few weeks in the media spotlight.

  6. I think it’s fake. I mean that image is just a the original prototype with a different logo under the screen like it was just drawn over it. Surely they would have changed the design a bit now for e3? Plus the screen is exactly the same, surely they would have a new one to display by now with different games, time, battery etc. Lastly the logo looks poor and doesn’t really resemble a portable games console.

    The name also reminds me of Vista too much, which is awful.

    • i do see a button there though with a pencil and pad on it, hope that’s a drawing app :)

  7. Fake but I like it.

  8. Sounds like a cheap car. Awful, and almost cetainly fake.

    • Well everybody thought that when the Revolution became the Wii

    • This. As car names go, it’s almost as bad as “Wind”.

      • And just slightly better than the “Leaf”.

      • Ahem… G-whiz.

      • Pagani Huuuuuuuyrahuuuh

        I’ll leave it with crap speeling

      • At least he Pagani is a foreign word we just have trouble pronouncing. Leaf, Wind and G-Whiz represent a concious effort to pick an English work that has failed. Far worse!

      • lol I know

      • On the Leaf issue: The focus is clearly to find a name that represents nature since electronic cars don’t cause (as much) pollution (as normal fueled cars).
        There are far worse car names out there to pick on.

  9. Urgh nasty! PSP2 is indeed way more catchy. I don’t think console companies should be afraid of sequential naming, XBox 2 sounds fine, 360 just implies some sort of frisbee mode! I don’t think that ever materialised. And if Nintedos new effort is just a HD upgrade they shouldn’t be ashamed of branding it Wii Number Two.

    Here’s a thought, what are Microsoft going to call their new console in about 2499 years after the 359th version has been out a little while?

    • Xbox 360 2?. There’s Final Fantasy 13 2. :P

      • Not entirely true though. The game would be actually XIII-2.

      • You know, like in books. Chapters, paragraphs and so on.

  10. Considering sony are originaly japanese why would they be looking into a latin name, and when i hear ps vita, rivita minis pops into my head, thats probably bad

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