All You Need To Know About The Uncharted 3 Beta

If you didn’t know, IGN are having a bit of an Uncharted 3 blowout in the run up to next week’s big show. Today’s feature brings with it a whole host of information about the Uncharted 3 beta, which is  a mere month away.

The beta will start on June 28th for Plusites and Infamous 2 buyers (July 4th for everyone else) and close up on July 13th, with a level cap of 25. The test comes with two maps – the French chateau and the airfield – with nine modes available – Team Deathmatch, Team Objective and Plunder (5-versus-5), Three-Team Deathmatch (2-versus-2-versus-2), Free for All and High Stakes (8-players) and three co-op modes.


There’s plenty more in the IGN article, including the boosters, power plays, weapons and characters you’ll be able to play as, some screenshots and flythroughs of the maps.

On a more personal note, I finally move out of halls and into a house on July 3rd, and this is probably the best way I can think of to celebrate regaining access to the PlayStation Network. See you online.

Source: IGN



  1. :D

  2. Cant wait, you get quite a bit for the beta :)

  3. This is going to be amazing. I so hope one of the co-op modes have something to do with clowns. After all, Arne Mayer said something about Drake meeting his biggest fears when it was announced. Whether that was intentional wording or not, remains to be seen.

  4. Won’t be touching it, I want my first foray into the U3 world to be when I first fire up the SP.

  5. 3 team deathmatch sounds very good, why has nobody ever done this before?

    • Agreed, sounds like it good be a lot of fun and it is such a simple idea.

    • That was my first thought as well.

    • MAG does it, kind of.

    • There’s a 4 team deathmatch mode on Battlefield Bad Company 2 (4x 4 players). Great fun if your squad works together :)

    • AVP does it

  6. Won’t everyone be a plus member thanks to the welcome back package? If so, everyone get’s to play it June 28th! But i’m probably wrong about that. :(
    I don’t play online much but i enjoyed the UC2 beta so i might give this a go too.

    • Unfortunately not (though not for me, as I’m not interested). It was stated on the EU blog (in reply to a query about it) that current non-plus members would be getting access to the content that was scheduled for May.

      • That’s fair enough. Just a passing interest for me too so the open beta will do me fine.

  7. Played in the UC2 beta quite a bit, but never really got stuck into the game, let alone the online strangely. Will try it when everyone else gets it.

  8. Brilliant! With any luck this will coincide with our free month of PS+. Nice one Sony, whatever the sales figures say you’re alright by me!

  9. And who said being a Plus subscriber was a waste of money :)

  10. Is this for all + members as i was going to buy InFamous 2 on release for this so it will save £40 on that if it is.

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