Infestation At OPM Hints Aliens E3 Reveal

This morning the crew OPM were greeted with a large package sent by SEGA. Inside rested a replica Pulse Rifle akin to those sported throughout the Aliens movie lineage, as well as two boxes of fake “explosive” ammunition. This offering could have a number of connotations, but any gamer worth their weight in face-huggers will be quick to solve this particular mystery. With E3 just a week away as well as buzz of new Aliens titles from both Creative Assembly (Total War) and Way Forward Technologies (Contra 4,) there’s now succinct evidence suggesting that SEGA will be making an Aliens-related announcement at this year’s E3.

Source: OPM Official Facebook Page



  1. Can’t wait for E3 now! surely they must reveal it then.. It was on TSA bingo right?

    • Not unless someone else is running a game around here too. :)

  2. I’m busy playing through Aliens vs Predator, good fun although hopefully it’ll be a step up from that game, or maybe it’s the long lost Colonial Marines game? Secretly finished and now to be unleashed. Or maybe we’re about to be invaded by Aliens and Sega are actually prepared

    • I was bitterly disappointed with how AvP was handled. A really promising game that was abandoned by the developers after release, favouring DLC map packs over game fixing patches. Shameless.

  3. Got confused with this story given that I’m involved with the OPM Official Facebook page and had heard nothing about this, then realised it’s OPM Australia :p

    • I don’t know why Sega would send something like that to the Australian press. Chances are any game based on Aliens will end up getting banned anyway.

  4. As one who enjoyed and completed AvP I can honestly say I’m looking forward to any Aliens based game. Hope it’s Colonial Marines though.

  5. loved Aliens Vs Predator and big fan of alien films, can’t wait to see what this will be, maybe colonial marines or something different

  6. I love the original AvP game but was disappointed with the latest version, here’s hoping this is a step up.

  7. looking forward to this big time.

  8. I desperately want this to exist and be the game the franchise deserves.

  9. It wont be as good as you hope…

    • I just hope it won’t be embarrassing :)

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