New ‘From Dust’ Trailer Released

A new trailer for the upcoming God-sim, From Dust, has been released, showing a little bit more of how you go about shaping the landscape.

For those who may have missed it previously, the game has been described as the spiritual heir to the classic Populous, as you manipulate soil, water and lava to help a nomadic tribe.

Source: YouTube


  1. mega lo mania much?

  2. This actually looks awesome! I can really see myself enjoying this, anybody know wether it’s on disk format or a downloadable title?

    • It’s a download only title coming to Xbox Live, PSN and PC (not sure who will be providing it for PC). Also stated to be out this summer.

      Equally excited to have a play :)

      • Will more than likely be Steam.

      • PSN, XBLA and it’ll be on Steam for PC users. :)

      • I’ll have to top up my balance then, cheers guys!

  3. Me Wantee wantee

    • …sang the tribe as the lava flowed towards them.

  4. Still think it looks great. I hope the gameplay is fun and the novelty (I know it’s been done before but this looks better! :P) doesn’t wear off after a few short gaming sessions.

  5. Been following this since it was announced at E3 last year, really looking forward to it!

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