New Soul Calibur V Concept Art Uncovered

SoulCalibur hub, 8WayRun, has unearthed hidden concept art from the fifth maint-stream instalment of the weapon-based fighting series. The following image clearly depicts one of SC’s regulars, the bristly samurai, Mitsurugi, who many had expected to return.


Though not wanting to admit Mitsurugi’s existence in SoulCalibur V, game director Daishi Odashima has openly joked about the subject via Twitter, near enough confirming the character’s return.

Source: 8WayRun (thanks, Siliconera)



  1. & where is Darth Vader/Yoda?

    • I’d like to see their return and be able to use lightsabres in character customisation.

  2. Those things on his feet are called Geta (get tah), they are very hard to wear and test your balance

    • I gotta geta me one of those!

  3. I didn’t even know they were doing Soul Calibur V!! This news pleases me. As for Mitsurugi! I’m not bothered if he’s in it or not. :)

  4. Along with Kilik n Maxi best characters in the game….

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