Indie Game ‘Max and the Magic Marker’ Heads To Wii/DS

Easy Interactive has announced that PC indie game ‘Max and the Magic Marker’ will be heading to retail on the Wii and DS on June 30th. The game starts with Max receiving a magical marker pen in the mail, which sounds infinitely cooler than the bills/poo we get sent.

What follows is a platform/puzzle game where you can directly draw objects into the world to help overcome obstacles. The PC version of the game currently sits at 71 on Metacritic.

Source: Press Release



  1. Bought this for iOS when it was on sale a few weeks back. It’s not a bad game. Don’t know if i want to pay $30+ for it, but at $5 it was steal.

  2. Excellent game by a danish indie dev. Doubt this would be full retail price though, that wouldn’t make sense.

  3. Sounds good, 7/10 aint bad.

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