Microsoft Take Pot-shots At Internet Rumours

Microsoft’s cute email letting customers know they’ll be streaming their E3 conference online serves a double purpose: the message is loud and clear but there’s also a dig at the internet’s ability to let rumours spiral wildly.

Split neatly into two, the top half features one of those boards you see in the entrance halls of hotels and conference centres with the letters spelling out “rumour and speculation” with a big arrow, with a little post-it below saying “E3 2011” and pointing left.


Direct reference, then, to articles like this, which have attempted to find out just what’s going to be featured at this year’s biggest gaming conference.

“Believe everything you read,” it says, cleverly, “especially on the internet,” before listing reasons why you shouldn’t do exactly that below.  Basically, this is Microsoft’s way of saying that not everything already leaked or hinted at is real.

Of course, plenty of it most likely will be.  Only one way to find out…



  1. That’s quite brilliant :-)

    • Agreed. Some of the speculation drives me nuts. I’d prefer less news but it be more factual.

      • Indeed :-) And that’s how I run my site :-p

      • I see what you did there. Ha! *golf claps* ;)

      • Fair play, for ONCE :-)

  2. I don’t comment on rumour & speculation

    (aw crap!)

  3. Believe everything you read especially on the internet? That’s twisting Kevin Butler’s words.

    • Perhaps a retort from the “pew pew!” comment. What did Kevin Butler say that has been twisted?

      • The very first KB advert. “You can’t believe everything you read on the internet, that’s how WWI got started”.

        MS don’t innovate, they steal, buy, borrow, lend and re-package.

      • @JesseDeya

        I was waiting on the first anti MS comment, congrats.

        Irronically, your comment proves their point.

      • No need to get personal.

      • Pew Pew Pew

        Just summed up MS’s E3 presentation in case anyone wants to save time. ;)

  4. Of course, plenty of it most likely will be. Only one way to find out…

    I say follow the right arrow! ;)

  5. That is the best E3 ad I’ve seen so far.

  6. Microsoft will announce they quit the console market, all 360 owners will get a free PS3 to replace their console.

    It’s on the Internet so Microsoft says you should believe me :D

  7. Or alternatively (because you love to be patronised) you can find out what we’re really announcing at E3 by watching our live broadcast streamed to and to your phone at

    Addendum: Streaming won’t actually occur to the actual Xbox, because we couldn’t figure that out. Also, we would have to charge you XBL Gold subs to access it and that wouldn’t look good on this email, even in small print, so we’ve decided to ignore the product we’re actually promoting. Additionally, Kevin Butler sucks – you really shouldn’t listen to that guy.

    • Happiness exudes from every pore in your body. :-p

    • I take it you’re Bill Gates’ illigitimate kid that got left out of the will?

    • I’m actually Steve Ballmer’s 3rd mistress and I just got locked out of the yacht. Not happy.

  8. cool, live stream.
    so much better than somebody blogging about what’s going on.

  9. So Sony and MS are live streaming. Cool. Thought about taking the day off work to watch them, but now i’ll just stream them at work.

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